Sep 19 2023


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The dinner was a beautiful teaching structure that allowed children to learn experimentally to be Jewish, to become members of the chosen people. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Southwest Airlines. "At the time of Jesus, the Passover meal was also a great eschatological significance. The messianic hopes were cultivated in a special way at this dinner, which makes it understandable that, as in the same stories at least from the Synoptics, is of such importance to the reference to this event. The Easter celebration of the Jews of today would tell us today how a Jewish Passover celebration? Keep in mind that, since the destruction of the temple in 70 AD C. by the Romans, the Jews gave up eat the Passover lamb sacrificed. And also that the Passover meal is celebrated once attended the synagogue liturgy. It all begins on the evening of the Seder. Seder means order, the Jews called the Passover Seder dinner, because it's all fully developed, because it is the most solemn of the year later.

In anticipation has been removed all leavened bread has been saved and ordinary dishes. For the festival is a special dish. Prepare for the source of the Seder (the plate), put the glasses in which the wine will be served as a symbol of joy, come comfortable chairs that replace couches in which the guests reclined at dinner ancient. The introduction of the service is the first glass of wine you drink while uttering a prayer of praise. The parent then soaks the vegetables in salt water, says a blessing and gives something to everyone.