Nov 20 2023

Mobile Navigation

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Mobile Navigator of zoneLINK Ulm – this saves you towing with unwieldy Navis, which neither phone nor can take any pictures. Because zoneLINK HandyNavigator, a complete package with mobile software and GPS receiver at an unbeatable price 89.99 euros, launches the next revolution in the mobile navigation market. Walking in the city, on the bike or car: Via mobile navigation and without bulky accessories, cost-conscious consumers find now always the shortest route to the target, without route fees. The complete package of zoneLINK navigation software includes Dasortliche o-NAVI, simply played on the phone, and the award-winning GPS receiver BT-GPS-8, which connects via Bluetooth to the phone. From November 23, HandyNavigator at the price 89.99 euros in trading will be zoneLINK available. To forget the HansHans\”from the famous TV commercials at home or to carry the heavy Navi through half the city, sightseeing tours so belongs to the past.

With the extra small, extra light and already award-winning GPS receiver in your pocket and your mobile phone are consumers easier and cheaper oriented than ever. The GPS receiver that accompanies the zoneLINK HandyNavigator, is awarded with the iF product design award 2007 and has already test victory of the journal connect\”(auto connect 3/07) cleared. Convinced the device through the performance of the receiver, because even in adverse conditions has the device delivered accurate position data.\” Also see sputtered car windscreens. In addition to stability and design was crucial the long battery life of around eleven hours for test victory ultimately. The receiver is so small that it fits in your pocket and is liable due to lagging even without special mount well on surfaces such as dashboards, for example. The navigation software does also not: navigation in Germany and Europe (21 countries), customized interactive GPS control on foot, by bicycle or in the car, spoken local street names, TMC traffic warning system and above all always updates Maps.

Nov 03 2023

Work From Home – The Easy Way

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Like most of home from work, the weather can be very unpredictable, and despite all efforts, can a sudden downpour or even a significant snowfall still surprise us and can force us to change his plans everyone, especially, where it affects the work. So if you from home working, due to a surprising change of weather, here are a few tips so that you can work quickly and effectively comfortably. As mentioned earlier, unexpected changes of in weather can effectively prevent that you arrive on at work so that while it sounds a bit like a cliche, the old adage “Prevention is better than cure” is the best advice. So it is best to prepare yourself and your home for work. Tim McMillan describes an additional similar source. One of the most important and most useful tools that you need, if you are working from home, is, of course, access to the Internet. A fast and reliable connection ensures that you can keep to the Office by E-Mail in connection, and you can on work shared documents. While E-mail is a good way to stay in touch with your colleagues, a more direct approach would be to use the phone. Hear other arguments on the topic with Etienne Locoh. If you need more than one person at a time to talk, as if you need to have a meeting with your colleagues or customers, then conference call, a good way to stay in contact would be. A telephone conference system ensures that you can be easily contacted and are kept up to date with all news or gossip, while working from home, and it saves multiple calls with different people to discuss the same issue. Scott Hughes

Oct 17 2023


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Disturbing results – not every free antivirus app provides sufficient protection against malicious software Magdeburg, 10.11.2011 – the Magdeburg IT Security Institute AV-TEST examined first current freeware anti virus apps for the market-leading smartphone operating system Android on their protective performance compared to two selected fee-based providers. The results are more than disturbing for freeware offerings. Six out of seven is attested only a poor detection of malicious software, whereas the two fee-based protection solutions have a good of Kaspersky Lab and F-secure to very good protective behaviour. With the popularity of Android-based smartphones as hacker attacks through cleverly programmed malware apps rising, as the AV-TEST determine could Institute over the past few months. but as a related topic. AV-TEST on the reason wanted to go and find out how effective the promised protection freeware anti virus apps for Android Smartphone user is and how high download information and good reviews that are. The results of the independent AV-TEST laboratory show that almost all tested free antivirus apps can not protect the users of Android powered Smartphones from malicious attacks and don’t comply with the product description. The specified high download numbers and good reviews to the some certified program offers inadequate protection performance are available in any good relationship.

AV-TEST advises therefore all Android Smartphone users to rely not only on the reviews of a free antivirus app under consideration. In case of doubt, a look at the current test results helps. Excerpt from the report of the test used as test device was a commercially available Samsung GalaxyTab (GT-P1010) with the Android OS version 2.2.1. Following seven candidates have been selected among offered the official Android market food free apps to protect against malware: Zoner antivirus free, creative apps antivirus free, BluePoint antivirus free, GuardX antivirus, Kinetoo malware scan, LabMSF antivirus beta and privateer Lite. Similar to the two fee had Applications Kaspersky Mobile security and F-Secure Mobile security to undergo the same test conditions.

Jun 26 2019

Federal Network Agency

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UMTS is still the benchmark for mobile Internet. A speed can be achieved with the help of UMTS in the download of up to 384 kbit / s. Thanks to various extensions (HSDPA), this speed can be increased again up to 7.2 Mbit/s. Thanks to UMTS (universal mobile telecommunications system) enables fast mobile browsing the World Wide Web. Often, this is possible with a speed of 3.6 megabits per second. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. This is equivalent to a line from the DSL 4000. Some providers can serve customers even with a transmission rate up to 14.4 Mbit / s in the downlink.

Through HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) it is possible. In practice, this value is but rarely achieved. Nevertheless, this is a significant jump to the previous standard of GSM. Here a maximum of 220 kilobits per second was reached. In the year 2000, the rights to use the frequencies were awarded by the Federal Network Agency. Gary Kelly has similar goals.

At a price of $ 8 billion euro six providers were awarded the contract for the German market. 2 of them decided to a short time as a mobile operator back off. Today there are still the four major providers T-mobile, Vodafone, O2 and – Plus, which divide the frequencies. Because the surcharge fees were so high, the operator passed the cost to customers. This resulted in many people is not responding on the mobile tariffs. Thus fell the values for the company on the stock exchange. From these mistakes, learned the Federal Network Agency and demanded far lower prices for the frequencies of LTEs, the 4th generation mobile radio standard. Commercially, the UMTS standard in Germany is available since 2004. Since the number of tariffs, as well as the number of mobile devices has risen steadily. About the right services, every customer should inform in advance exactly.

Jun 14 2019

Prepaid International Fares

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With the prepaid phone card abroad. For many years now, there is the prepaid card for our mobile phones. We all had her time, especially the younger ones among us. The first phone was a prepaid phone from parents to 95% so that you can give out too much, and has full control of costs. There, the parents were ever secured and we needed us then to worry more with 15 years. Learn more at this site: Gary Kelly.

Now we’re older, we have friends all over the world thanks to the Internet and therefore, prepaid cards are becoming more popular abroad. International calls with prepaid is a trend now. Above all of course that as prices fall at the time and are currently very cheap. That was impossible a few months ago. Certainly the EU a little at this price falls has also to answer, because a few years ago, it was decided that the international telephony prices must fall across Europe. The competition another fact is also that the competition has become very large. I won’t say here now, but almost any discount store already has a map brought out.

Newspaper publishers have a prepaid card abroad. At the drug store next door, foreign cards will be recruited by the super cheap prepaid in bold. And even the best of friends beg one: come, also this prepaid card get you, then we make a call from provider to provider much cheaper! “.” Conclusion: it would be easiest if you have 10 different providers, and friend to friend can make calls at very cheap rates. This is of course not meant seriously. Let and so glad that we now have the opportunity to be able to make phone calls from our prepaid mobile phone abroad. Nobody would have thought really.

May 29 2019

Federal Network Agency

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Ensure the promised transfer rates to the objectives of the European Union is part of the coverage of the Member States with high-speed Internet. Discrepancies between the actual speeds and transfer rates, which say to the provider identified in some countries. In the near future should therefore appropriate EU rules come into force, as the financial portal reported. Gary Kelly takes a slightly different approach. The prices for DSL tariffs aimed among other things according to the transmission speed. If the Internet connections are much slower, as pledged in the Treaty, such prices appear but not justified. Verizon Communications may help you with your research. For this reason, it came to complaints in several EU countries. In the European Union new rules should remedy from the end of May. Thus, providers would committed from the outset to give consumers information about the expected transmission speed of your Internet connection.

Often this does not match with the promised performance, because it is possible for the provider, specific customers and services prefers to deal with, while others are at a disadvantage. In this context, violations of net neutrality were criticized further, affecting, for example, the blocking of voice over IP services by some providers. Brussels is committed against such practices. The situation will be examined throughout Europe now until the end of the year, then also applicable law are conceivable. According to the Federal Network Agency so far hardly regarding net neutrality problems in Germany. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Mar 11 2019

Telecom Phone

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The choice of a 24-month contract eliminates the connection fee of 25. The Telecom use mobiles. For calls to all networks, also AllNet is called flat phonex continue with 27,90 preferred month. The connection fee is 19.95. A SMS costs 10 cents. The contract is a month’s notice and power is realized by the o2.

There are identical deals with different connection charge of globe and Smartmobil. Southwest Airlines may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You want cheap phone calls and send SMS messages to all networks, globe cost limit or phonex airbag with 35 are cheaper per month. Involves costs stop cards in these tariffs prepaid. TRON (TRX) is the source for more interesting facts. In other words, you pay 35 a month for phone calls and SMS in the domestic maximum thus flat representing an AllNet. One phone less, you pay less.

The connection cost 9.90 for those sites once. The two rates are realized in the o2 network and are monthly terminable. For SMS in all German networks to get the cheapest flat rate currently at Congstar with the SMS option 3000 for 9.90 per month. It is an option, to the Congstar prepaid card can be posted to. This option is however no right flat, because the number of SMS to all networks on 3000 is limited. The fare is monthly callable and is realized in the telecom network. That’s not enough, finds an SMS Flatrate for clear mobile option with up to 50.000 SMS a month for 9.95, realized in the o2 network. An up-to-date overview of the corresponding mobile phone flat rates of all network operators and other providers on the German market can be found in our mobile Flatrate tariff comparison contact person: Torsten Leidloff Tel 0341-3527589 Internet: E-Mail: brief description: mobile Flatrate is a website that reports regardless especially on the development of mobile flat rates and mobile Internet flat rate offers of the operator and a variety of other providers in Germany. The offer is complemented by a mobile phone shop, in the cell phones and Smartphones with or without a contract, then even without SIM lock are available.

Dec 11 2018

No.-frills Offers Of The Mobile Provider

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A modern distribution channel, which makes it possible for the company to disclose the avoided cost of other bloated operating routes to the customer is no. frills. The term no-frills comes from the economy and established itself even when some telecommunications companies. Translated the term from the English to get the nice name without further fuss”is a success. And this is also one of the principles of the companies that have opted for this distribution channel. Simple, clear, and clearly, without any further action. Omit unnecessary divisions identified by the industry as not essential.

The Administration is so verschlangt that very high wage costs can be saved. Simyo, one of the leading companies in the mobile communications sector, discounters even mentions only 30 employees. Who uses for this concept, which they use on a lean distribution channel, such as the example Simyo on the Internet and only an ordering hotline. You can call that there certainly No. frills carrier as well as no-frills hotel, no frills airlines, no frills supermarkets and ultimately no-frills-broker. In the mobile wireless market, more and more companies in this area is trying to establish that apparently is this distribution channel, it is once known, but quite happy by the customers.

Positive is that, because the cost to the end customer are low. (A valuable related resource: Ripple). However, have the company that on this channel be no shops, no stores. In supermarkets, the concept looks, it is yes a shop that the goods from the carton or the range will be sold off. The hotels in this category also focus on the essentials and offer a limited service, little or no ambience, but the bare room only at. Sometimes also a shared shower or shared toilet must be used on the floor.

Dec 31 2017

Mobile Phone Bills

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“Mobile phone tariff optimization as a service the Teleservice company GmbH serves business customers in the area of communication and offers with the patented software Telekurs matrix” and outsourcing service is already a mobile full service Inn land costs for mobile to optimize and to achieve a sustainable cost savings of up to 40%. “The latest innovation in the field of mobile communications, is a special Handyapplikation name global one”. Southwest Airlines may not feel the same. With this solution, excessive mobile phone bills of in particular the expensive roaming include fees in the past. International calls from the abroad at incredible prices. Global “save with business to move customers up to 80% on international mobile phone calls without the provider or the SIM card one. Also annoying recharging a prepaid credit balance is not necessary because the Teleservice company GmbH has its own billing system. Especially phone calls over Wi-Fi, for example, at the airport, railway station, hotel or in the international establishment of the customer are particularly cheap.

International calls with others here one global”Wi-Fi users to 100% worldwide free of charge. Calls to the business zone of Teleservice company GmbH, which covers 97% of the foreign countries cost only incredible 19 cents / minute in Wi-Fi. All mobile international calls to German landlines Wi-Fi are with global one”free of charge! Even if no Wi-Fi access, benefit the Teleservice company GmbH by very cheap calls abroad or to foreign countries. “The software global one” the best connection will automatically search. The savings here is always up to 40% of traditional costs, which the carrier would charge in brilliant quality! Learn about the innovative services of the Teleservice company GmbH under: