Jan 27 2015


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The Briefcase offers large room and is varied to obtain Tussenhausen, August 13, 2010 business men can be seen already in the clean appear suit, but in addition the Briefcase is a clear signal, with whom one has to do. Briefcases are a practical extension of other bags, they permit the safe transport of important documents. Now of course also in the form of sensitive data on the laptop. But a little here the term of status resonates symbols can quite bring to a Briefcase. Such a bag can cost over a thousand euro ever, but there are also less expensive variants.

On you can inform well on the subject. Here are all information about the types and forms of briefcases and what is to keep in mind when buying. Basically, the function in the foreground is of course. Some bags have only a large compartment, others use dividers and small side pockets. Here it comes to the Use, where a separation into several compartments is certainly useful to store documents and files. The often high-quality material protects especially well. Because no matter what is transported in a Briefcase, rain and moisture have to find nothing. There are differences in the material.

Thus, both real and faux leather is used. Here above all price differences are noticeable, quality can be found with both materials. Alternatively to the Briefcase the Briefcase also offered, which provides even more space and more protection, but of course by the weight is heavier. Here a whole mini Office can be carried, is plenty of space for pens, documents, and other important things. At the end, not only the function Decides also the design need to know please. Operator profile all important factors on the point brought, on a work from the House of Scheidle design evident once more. Cleverly the information a convenient construct were combined and presented in visually appealing form. Offers in all value added for the visitors who want to inform themselves about briefcases. Scheidle design achieved many such and similar orders already in print and Web. Always the necessary eye, important information is unimportant and involving aesthetic issues. Press contact Web projections Scheidle design Wolfgang Scheidle by-Stein-WEG 8 86874 Tussenhausen (c) Fadi Tsilimekis – August 2010