Jan 13 2020


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Lags under the cover should be laid perpendicular to the direction of light from windows and in rooms with a definite direction of movement of people (eg, corridors) – perpendicular to the motion. By the same author: Larry Ellison. Logs should be joined among themselves flush ends anywhere in the room with the displacement of joints in the adjacent joists not less than 0,5 m between the beams and walls (septa) must leave a gap width of 20-30 mm. In the floor to the ceiling surface of the lag should be lined with a layer of sand, tamping it with sound absorbing pads or lags across their width or length. Logs should address the soundproof layer slabs or sand leveling layer across the bottom surface, without gaps. You can not tamp wooden wedges or pads under the logs for their alignment shall not be permitted support log on wooden pads. Under logs, disposable on the posts in the floor on the ground should be stacked wooden strips on the two layers of roofing, the edges of which should be released from under the pads of 30-40 mm and fasten them with nails. Joints lag should be placed on the posts.

In the doorways of adjacent spaces should be establish an extended lag. It should advocate the partition of at least 50 mm on each side. Boards cover the plank, parquet board, connecting the side edges of a groove, and the parquet panels – with the help of dowels must be tightly pressed against each other.

Nov 07 2019

The Individual

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In the heating cables for floor heating different manufacturers are characteristic specific heat from 17 to 21 W / m, with the increase of this parameter is not desirable and does not indicate any special advantages. Firstly, when laying the cable on the floor may form an air cavity near the surface, thus there is overheating of the cable material and increases the risk of internal damage. Secondly, an increase in specific power cable to length, attributable to certain area is reduced. In this case, perhaps this increase in distance between the individual threads that will be noticeable uneven heating. Virgin Airlines often addresses the matter in his writings. All the manufacturers of the value of the permissible distance between adjacent threads can range from 5-6 to 10-12 cm linear power reduction below these values leads to a waste of cable and the appearance of an unacceptable risk of convergence of adjacent thread cable. During operation "warm floor" cable heated to 60-70 C, and insulation materials and membranes can withstand temperatures above 100 C. This is one of the secrets of high-reliability "warm floor".

On sale are almost never goes the heating cable itself. For fast and reliable production operations the consumer receives the so-called heating section (NA) – the cable segments of fixed length, joined by special couplings with so-called "cold ends" – segments connecting wires for connecting the heating ("hot") cable with an electrical network. The length of the "cold end" is also fixed and is all the producers from 0.75 to 2 pm Usually this is quite sufficient to remove the wires in box on the wall.

Nov 06 2019

Japanese Distribution

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He is invisible, because only visible grille. One more advantage – uniform distribution of air flow in four directions, allowing only one cassette air conditioner to cool a large room (with wall-mounted split systems to achieve similar effect would apply conditioner 3.2 less power). An additional convenience is the distribution of cooked air through adjustable louvers in four directions, which provides a Indoor air is uniform. If it is necessary to condition a few rooms at the same time, the best solution – a split-system channel type. In this case, again you only need one indoor unit, which hiding behind a false ceiling. In a question-answer forum Ripple was the first to reply. Air distribution system ducts and promotes ventilation grilles.

The above modification of air conditioning systems manufactured by all the world's leading manufacturers such equipment. This, for example, Japanese daikin, Korean samsung or lg. Modern systems help take care not only about the interior but the exterior of the office. It has long been a challenge for many buildings have become the real "clusters" of air conditioners in the window. The solution may be the use of multizone air conditioning systems, consisting of one external and several internal units. In this case, the internal components can be removed from the external to the up to 100 meters, equivalent to an altitude of 17-storey building, and elevation changes – up to 50 meters. This allows external devices to hide on the roof in the yard or in another maloprimetnom place. Throws supply growth popularity of open plan passed to the forefront of yet another problem: wiring cable networks, in excess of those present in any room.

Oct 29 2019

Complex Repair

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Complete repair of dwellings with the displacement of interior pergorodok – is seen as a kind of semblance of public revolution, the only public coverage. Major repairs to the rescheduling – is when bored interior form is carried in small pieces, and at the same space in front of construction conceived, much improved interior. It is worth noting, as described here requires a restructuring of psychological preparedness. However, inspection of the apartment at the moment, and listened as the crumbling of the trellis wallpaper loose putty, motivation to order a comprehensive renovation added. In the complex repairs with evrostrandartam change in planning, starting time will be in the same complex, and it will begin with a complete destruction. For more information see this site: Sir Richard Branson. Will probably be demolished everything, not taking into account the supporting walls. This curtain wall piers (though not Remember to discuss the matter with the relevant authorities), and aged dosochny floor. Parts of the wooden floor must be dismantled, and the guides will be dismantled and the rest to clean up immediately before the concrete screed.

Of course, when the owner entirely satisfied with some kind of curtain wall – it will not get out. There is much from start to completion depends on the will of the owner, and he fully choose which it will mean Housing after repair. Upon completion of the dismantling of organized updated communication system, fit the new sewer pipes, electrical wiring, telephone and network twisted pair cables sound systems. Putting again zoned wall, only this time for a new project eurorepair.

Jun 13 2017

Project Construction

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Most likely, you offers one of the 4 most common types of data: – the so-called bath-house – in this case the construction of a wooden bath is as one of the stages of work in the construction of homes. As a result, a bath becomes a part of residential building. This is a very interesting architectural solution saves space on the site and has a number of other tangible benefits, but to implement such projects in life should be professional performers with a large experience – projects baths from logs, which are performed on individual orders – the perfect option for those who want to get their hands on really comfortable and convenient facilities for recreation, performed in accordance with all the customer's wishes – to buy ready-made saunas, which are simply delivered to the construction site and installed on pre-prepared foundation. In this case, a project of the bathhouse log is not required here, because you actually get a ready-made solution – model projects baths of timber and logs – already from the title becomes clear that such projects are designed for consumers. You may find Hewlett-Packard Co. to be a useful source of information. This does not mean that they are bad. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Ron O’Hanley. Quite the contrary, the model projects baths from a bar stood the test of time and have proven their quality. In addition, you may wish to existing settlements and any drawings you need change to give a bath, your own style and originality.

Taking into account the diversity of design solutions, you have the opportunity to order the construction of the bath timber, taking into account all conceivable factors and ultimately to get quality work. Note that a draft of the bath timber, designed by professionals, can save up to 30% of the budget allocated for construction, and therefore refuse to design services are not worth it. Ordering the individual version of the project or the construction of bath turnkey based on a modified model of the project – up to you. We only note that individual project costs a few expensive, but with it can accommodate all the wishes of the customer, no matter how fantastic they are.

Mar 03 2016


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With a width of 600.700, 900 mm should be in proportion to narrow or expand the size. Along with the height and width doorway there, its thickness. In the standard model homes thickness corresponds to 75 mm. Most manufacturers offer a way to market the box 75 mm thick. To deepen your understanding Bernard Golden is the source. in the preparation of the opening is necessary to consider this fact. Especially if the walls do not let this stand size (thickness less than or greater than 75 mm.), The question arises about the need to install the extender boxes (PunBB forum, mowing) or drank cartons along, if the wall is thinner than box. Without installing flexinvest or drank cartons, in most cases, installation of casing would be impossible or it will lead to significant deterioration of the appearance of the final product.

Installation of additional elements, as well as a reduction in the width of the cartons will result in more expensive settings. We recommend that in this case, to accurately measure the thickness of the walls in at least three points from each of the parties, and if this is the same thickness around the perimeter of the aperture (very important) try to order a custom box, if the manufacturer offers. If the thickness of the wall opening is not uniform and varies from 3 to 30 mm. there is a sense still saw the box or put PunBB forum, as there the ability to crop box or PunBB forum on the wedge, taking into account the curvature of the walls and maximum squeeze casing to the wall. Perfect opening – it's opening, which is wider and higher leaf to 80 mm and wall thickness which is 75 mm! (680 (780,880,980) * 2080 ("+" "-" 10 mm) * 75 mm) in 99% of cases at the opening fits any door, even if during the installation of any minor improvements, they will not cause a deterioration in appearance of the product or quality of work, and will not lead to a significant rise in the cost of the final product (a significant price increase by more than 10%)! Good luck!

Apr 17 2011

Savings Bank Gas

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Must also be a desire of the Russian business to participate in this process. But, frankly, until recently, no real incentives for implementation of environmental programs at the local industrialists were not. Such activities require huge financial investments in the modernization of equipment and processes. But the situation began to change as long as Russia is gradually beginning to enter the international system of carbon trading quotas. Each country will reduce its "exhaust" can sell "surplus" to another state. Accumulated by our country quotas for the period of the Kyoto Protocol from 2008 to 2012 amounts to 6.5 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent. However, until now Russia has not sold their quota.

But now, domestic companies can obtain funding for foreign investors in exchange for development projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Selection of participants takes place on competitive basis. In February-March 2010, the Savings Bank, a national operator of carbon units, conducted the first such competition. According to experts of the Savings Bank, from companies wanting to cash in on the careful respect for nature, made 44 applications for 77.5 million tons of greenhouse gases. The total amount of investment on all applications may be about 3,5 billion euros. One of the first intention to sell the quota of greenhouse gases, said "UstKutNeftegaz" – a subsidiary of the Congress (I llc Irkutsk Oil Company). The company, which develops Yarakta oil and gas field in Irkutsk region, is going to abandon the flaring petroleum gas (APG) in flames and now installs the equipment for his re-injection in developed seams.