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Motiviation George Jones

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The new fitness DVD appears on December 09, 2011 ‘ personal power training stay fit n smile (Vol.II)’ by Star coach George Jones. Long George Jones, founder and ex-frontman of the dance trio Mr. President, the fitness is committed to. Both as a coach in the television program big diet as fitness show come on baby popular with his own, became George Jones of the most popular fitness entertainer in Germany. After the success of “personal power training – get fit n smile” appears the second Fitness DVD. The DVD has a total length of 250 minutes and is divided into five different workouts, diet tips, and an interview with coach George Jones. The single total body workouts have a length of about 20 minutes each.

The training sessions can both individually as also combines are completed and vote on the personal level of fitness. Personal power training – stay fit n smile combines fitness coach George Jones items from kick-boxing, Tae Bo and aerobics to his special G-moves. Also exercises from sports such as tennis and football is reflected in the varied training units. As well are exercises specifically designed on the strength and muscle building. Of course, even stretching exercises in the balanced program should not be missing.

The varied and effective workouts build DVD on which the previous DVD personal power training – get fit n smile on. They are to implement but also without any prior knowledge and are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced. In addition to rousing music Motiviation George Jones helps Mr. with his fresh and sympathetic way, having fun of lots of in addition to the positive effect on the body, perform the exercises! George Jones accompanied all exercises and indicates what is to pay attention, such as on the breathing. But it was not George Jones if he would just talk his instructions, instead singing and He RAPS it like even. Fitness is a philosophy of life, which he would share with his specially developed exercises to the audience for George Jones!

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