Apr 30 2019

Yesipova Ludmila

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You told him to go to sleep, and he went. Went things; as usual. A few hours later he was lying with a sore throat with fever. Perfectly healthy child – and suddenly sick! You can, hand on heart, swear that the disease arose out of nowhere, because the child is not on the eve of colds. Cause of illness you continue to consider the physical factors. Reveling in his own righteousness, you did not notice that the humble obedience of the child is the process of turning inward, in which a person, sparing himself, angry at himself in the same way as does the neighbor.

Feeling helplessness due to inability to help its parent mutual pity aroused by anger which a parent give the child. Behind all this was a difference in your mood. Within a few days you proud of themselves and praised the child, as it saw itself. Then the mood fell, and the consequent disappointment spilled on the child. He accepted and became ill. Sometimes you cover such a rage – no matter for whom – that gasped the air: Are you choking anger. Life seems unfair to you. If at this point you arm gets a child, you agree to yell at him.

The child who made the day a little offense, feels guilty and absorbs completely all of your anger. A few hours later he falls ill throat and a feeling of suffocation. For one of these diseases include diphtheria. In the past – hard – during an epidemic of diphtheria caused high mortality among children, while children today are vaccinated against diphtheria. Since the idea of any earthly means stronger, kids today do not become ill diphtheria and spasm of the larynx – laryngospasm. Do you think that patients and their families are ready to be frank with you to analyze what predshedstvuet disease? I doubt it. Doctors see the fact of illness, severity of the disease, complications of the disease and treat it with varying degrees of success. Only cause of the disease is frequently seen in the investigation.

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