Sep 16 2020

World Cup

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I remember, for example, that you fought so the rector bought the maps that we needed for your stuffs. To broaden your perception, visit Adidas. But at that time the newspapers drew daily maps of countries that were represented in the World Cup. And we neither! We read the newspaper! The media published Chronicles on production, economy, rulers and the culture of the participating Nations. These periodicals, sadly thrown into the trash, have helped us to learn. But you were right, Lucy breast.

How would you to alcahuetear the Government so that not buy us maps? No Sir. In any way! Amidst all bosom, it would have been cool that before the football team Peru you had spoken about us of the Incas. They lived in what is now Peru, right? Does the story of Pizarro and the caciques of Machu Picchu and the silver mines had captured it better if it causes us to fall into that Cubillas and Chumpitaz, figures of the Peruvian team, were probably descendants of the chiefs, Pizarro or some brought black assistants of? Africa as a slave to work in the mines. And changing a little stage, do remembers the Punic Wars, fought between Romans and Carthaginians, in which? faced the strong army of the most powerful Empire of the time against general Hannibal? Do, Rome is the capital of Italy and Carthage was located in? Africa, in what is now Tunisia. I don’t know how, but you could leverage that Italy and Tunisia were sharing the world, to tell us in the form of history which is not any story but pure truth.The Squadra Azzurra also had a pretext so that we speak deMussolini, fascism and the Sicilian Nostra thing. By the madonna, carissima profesoressa, the opportunity that we’ve lost.In the history of the twentieth century was unable to speak of Italy not to mention Germany and can not speak of fascism without speaking of Nazism.

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