Jun 27 2013

World Cuisine

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Royal endorsement of many contributed to the popularity of pizza. At the end of the XIX century ate pizza in Naples at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Among the most popular dishes was a pizza with mushrooms and anchovies. Gradually pizzaiolo invented new and New "toppings" for their pizzas. Soon appear and the first pizzeria, where people can eat pizza, drink and socialize with friends.

… Pizza delivery here>> But the path to worldwide popularity of pizza passed through the New World, where once they brought tomatoes to Europe. In America pizza gets together with many Italian immigrants late XIX century. Her start selling on the streets – the first American "city pizza was Chicago, where it can be be purchased for two cents a piece. They say that the first U.S.

pizzeria opened in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi in New York. In America, Lombardi called the "Patriarch of pizza and pizza it still works. In the 1940's invented so-called "American pizza" – with vysokimim edges and lots of stuffing. The popularity of pizza increases after the Second World War, when returning American soldiers stationed in Italy. They could not forget the taste pizza – at home or in the U.S., thanks to them, this dish is more popular. More for the popularity of pizza first in the U.S. – and later around the world – made pop stars of Italian descent – Jerry Colonna, Frank Sinatra and others. Followed by Dean Martin, all of America was eat pizza and sing the words of his songs: "When the moon is shining you straight in the eye like a big pizza …. We can make the order a pizza so the pizza is the star of the world cooking. And though in achieving this popularity has played a huge role America, Italy is still recognized as "homeland" of pizza, and that there are going real connoisseurs, to taste authentic Italian masterpieces.

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