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His metaphysical spirituality most famous work is awakening spirituality the agony of death with the passage meditate of warnings and consolations that are close to it christ profitable, (Toledo, 1538), an ascetic who dedicated himself to work dona Ana de la Cerda, Countess books of Melito, at the death of the great consciousness protector of the writer, her husband, Count Diego a spirituality named compassion de Mendoza. This work derives in particular from awakening the Praeparatio ad mortem spirituality in business (1549) of Erasmus. new age The second edition appeared in 1540 in Toledo, the third in Toledo, inner peace 1543, the fourth in Saragossa, metaphysical 1544, the fifth reiki in Toledo, 1547 Toledo in the sixth, seventh in 1553 and christianity Alcala, 1565, followed later reprinted. Venegas added the third soul healing in his brief statement of sentences and words in this dark psychic book Transito de la Muerte are. The agony of the transit healing meditation was edited in the nineteenth century by Eugenio de Ochoa (Paris, 1847) by Anthony King and modern Hazas include various arts prayer or die.
Another important his work is the very awareness spirituality first part of spirtuality the scholarly books that differences exist in the universe, 1540, new thought in which the books are spirituality book classified into three groups according free meditation to their healing theme: about God, about the nature and moral and religious. To Venegas is a book which is the archetypal divine. The second book, metagrafo, as he called, the first transcript is divided into the natural (the book of creatures), the rational (which channeling is nothing but a sum that has joined all kundalinichakras the creatures ) and shown (the Scriptures). There are body modern edition of Daniel religion Eisenberg, Barcelona: Puvill Books, 1983. Also wrote a tract orthographia and accent meditation in the three main languages, (Toledo, 1531), which are modern edition by lydian Nieto (Madrid: crystals Arco Libros, 1986), which crystals spirituality concerns not only the Spanish language, but also soul the accents in the three classical languages (Latin, Greek and Hebrew), and a Discourse on dialogue alternative spirituality and apologist, also composed a wisdom grammar that has been lost.

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