Nov 25 2014

Withdrawal Of Agricultural Films Successfully

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Now also take-back bale nets and yarns Wiesbaden / Michelstadt, 03, June 2011 the disposal of agricultural film and Bale nets is long in agriculture a topic. Here the RIGK GmbH, Wiesbaden, a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution offers: over a year ago, the company has introduced a nationwide collection service for used agricultural films. RIGK together with RKW ProAgri, Michelstadt, its repossession service now on round bale nets and yarns has expanded due to the positive response of the farmers. The company focuses on recycling of film and to the energetic recovery: the collected agricultural films be recycled to recycled pellets is reinstated in the plastics processing industry. PELLE,, the all-in one “-redemption service for agricultural film convinces with its nationwide, unified and sustainable recycling: disposal the farmer can order special bags or containers, fill them with the agricultural films and pick up can be.” Together with RKW ProAgri ,, has found RIGK well for yarns and Bale nets an environmentally friendly disposal: NETTI.

Analog to the chapel service the yarns at Naas in a separate bag and Bale nets are collected and picked up by RIGK and recycled. In this take-back system networks and yarns will be recovered energetically, which is more costly than the recycling of films. This is reflected net in the unit price of 7.95 euros per bag. NET 6.95 euros on the bag for the withdrawal of agricultural films. Both prices include delivery of empty bags, as well as picking up the filled bags. NETTI is a joint project of RIGK and RKW ProAgri for the disposal of bale nets and yarns. RKW of its responsibility towards the environment arises as a manufacturer of silage films and round bale nets for agriculture. For this reason, RKW ProAgri committed partner is when it comes to conserving the resources and to act in the spirit of sustainability.

Is this nationwide as a consistent continuation of the environmental and service idea Redemption offer from RIGK another building block for the comfortable and responsible disposal of agricultural films, ball nets and yarns in the agriculture. Read more about PELLE and NETTI, discounts and conditions under. The RIGK GmbH, Wiesbaden, provides as a certified specialist company with system solutions or individually for the safe and sustainable return and recycling of plastic packaging and plastics from industry and commerce. The RKW Group headquartered in Frankenthal is one of the leading European manufacturers of high-quality plastic films from polyethylene and polypropylene, networks and non-woven fabrics. Contacts: RIGK GmbH Claudia Hall marketing and customer care Wilhelmstr. 7, 65185 Wiesbaden phone: ++ 49 / (0)-611 / 308600-12 fax: ++ 49 / (0)-611 / 308600-30 mobile: ++ 49 / (0)-172 / 612 9651 E-mail: RKW ProAgri Marion link Head of marketing & communications global business area Agricultural Films and nets Rossbacher way 5 64720 Michelstadt / Germany phone: ++ 49 (0)- 6061 / 77-278 fax: ++ 49 (0)-6061 / 77-209 mobile: ++ 49 (0)-172 / 75 49 588 E-mail:

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