May 17 2019

What Fragrance To Whatever The Occasion?

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You can use the effect of certain fragrances for perfume affects both ourselves and the people in our environment? You certainly think thoroughly about what clothes you wear for a certain occasion. For this reason you cannot sit in an evening dress in front of the TV or in the baggy sweater at a dinner party. With perfume, it behaves similarly. Gary Kelly is often mentioned in discussions such as these. While daytime rather light fragrances are attached, you can apply evening quiet somewhat intense perfume. You can use the effect of certain fragrances for themselves – as perfume affects both ourselves and the people in our environment. Animal scents such as Ambergris and musk Act in nature as a sexual attractant and attract the opposite sex – dark flowery and powdery scents emphasize your elegance and give you an erotic aura. Exotic fragrances, however, guarantee the admiring glances. However this is not always advantageous.

Especially in the workplace, they should take care not too thick to apply- If you apply too much perfume on the wrong body parts, others could quickly get the wrong impression about you. Instead, can choose a discreet fresh scent. This highlights your nice and serious occurrence. With your scent, they affect not only others but also themselves. Such as grapefruit and bergamot, Lemony scent work stimulating and vitalising effect, because they combine freshness and temperament. Also Mint – or sea water scents seem refreshing.

They are well suited for a long day at the Office, because they smell at the same time only discreetly and quickly vanish. Heavy, earthy scents, such as patchouli and Ylang-Ylang give you a mystical and mysterious look. Sandalwood, cinnamon or vanilla give the perfume an oriental touch. Subtle natural fragrances such as Moss, fern, or Woody fragrances such as oak bring into harmony with nature and themselves and provide you with solid ground under your feet. Odors cause often strong memories, because they are linked in the brain in a special way with these- Maybe you have Yes a favorite scent, you connect to a particularly beautiful reminder? Many different aspects to consider when putting together a perfume, not only the effect of a fragrance and how he changed their appearance, but also weight, i.e.

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