Feb 20 2014

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Cost reduction and fleet optimization through corporate sharing the corporate car sharing application fleet service is a new Web application, the fleet from a vehicle and helps her mobility behaviour to change several users. With fleet service companies can expose existing or new vehicles with an easy booking process for all employees. Intelligent workload management ensures that the trip requests to minimize vehicles spread, making the company saves money and protects the environment. Employees can also privately book vehicles and savings thus parking, own car if necessary and the companies, because they pay a fee for each ride. After a 3-minute registration supports fleet service companies during the entire mobility process and thus to reconsider.

Fleet service adapts to each company. The vehicle keys can either by a key administrator (e.g. reception / plant protection) or fully automatic with an electronic Key cabinet are managed. Fleet service provides automatic alarm emails that deviations from the desired process (for example, entries in the electronic logbook) are immediately transparent. For the use of fleet St, you must be an expert. First own (pool) vehicles are created, then the user is invited and immediately ready for use. No installation, no server, a high data security, automatic updates, no fixed costs – the IT Department will love fleet St.

Through vehicle management with fleet St, the company keeps an overview of the use and utilization of each single vehicle including the information who uses the vehicle just what. For the classic car in companies, it is as useful as for the family car to use of fleet St. External service providers, such as car washes and garages in the system can be integrated with fleet St. Also the costs can be represented in the system. For many fleets, one never means unprecedented transparency. Each ride by every user is documented. The logbooks are tax recognized and exportable. It can be at any time to understand who is driving such as when. Fleet service can be adapted to specific application or integrated into an ERP system. Vehicle costs are forwarded directly to the controlling. No leasing fees should be saved with a corporate car, but cars. So that company can realize how much your fleet is used and for what purpose, fleet St an analysis function, is created with the clarity and transparency. No problem is for private use available to the pool vehicles on the evening and weekend staff, fleet St. The company has to release it in the hand of private trips. If it chooses to get the user to distinguish the opportunity at the beginning of his booking service and private trip. To book a private trip, the user must deposit their payment data. The prices are displayed for each vehicle in the booking process. The settlement of the rides takes over the next Generation mobility GmbH & co. KG and transfer the money directly to the company.

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