Dec 10 2018

Visavia On The FutureCare

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Medication around the clock with individual pharmacists advice through video communication under patronage of Federal Health Minister Ulla Schmidt presented partners from the health sector in the context of CeBit TeleHealth solutions for the IT-supported medical care. With the health course FutureCare man IT health under the motto “exemplary different stations of health care showed: primary prevention to home, telemedical Service Center, pharmacy, doctor’s Office, hospital/emergency (ambulance), assisted living. Two specific diseases was used to demonstrate how an IT-supported health care can work in the 21st century. “In the Centre of Veysonnaz pharmacy” consulting and tax terminal was visavia in conjunction with a ROWA Kommissionieren machines: the visavia Terminal the electronic prescriptions stored on the electronic health card will be read out. The consultancy is carried out by means of an audio / video conference via a secure Internet connection a Pharmacists, which controls the output of the drugs from the ROWA Kommissionieren system and controls. Future scenario presented here the pharmacist about the health card in the visavia system also has access to more information about allergies or other medications the patient takes a.

The pharmacist can set so the medication optimally to the needs of the patient and check for interactions. The drug issue by the automatic warehouse (ROWA Kommissionieren system) consulting and tax Terminal visavia. As this outside the pharmacy may be attached, on up to 24 hours can be dispensed on the day medicines. This scenario is already reality in over 20 German pharmacies. The health course FutureCare attracted visitors from various sectors. In addition to IT developers and users in medicine, pharmacy and nursing, many politicians took the opportunity to inform themselves about the benefits of IT supported medical care. While the advice and delivery terminal learned visavia special Attention and vote of the representatives from politics and economy.

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