Mar 02 2016

Trade Cycle

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At the same time your investments will be investments in long-term and sustainable development of your company. This is an investment in building customer loyalty and belonging, connection and communion with your customers and your employees. Traditional marketing practices are too often require you to investing in the success of your agency, regardless of their contribution to your success. The trade cycle is becoming shorter. You will find that it is shortened proportional increase in the number of "clients, on the recommendation." Reduced sales cycle means a shorter period of time between your first contact with a potential client and his first delivery. There is a growing number of repeat purchases. Cultivating a commitment to our clients brand, you are stimulating an increase in their purchases.

Satisfied customers gladly come to you again. His doubts are not attending. He will be happy to buy your product again and again. I would like to discuss the mechanism of action of the "word of mouth" in more detail. "Word of mouth" – is the result of a strong and significant relationship between you and your customers and employees, as well as their relationships with each other. Well tuned "word of mouth" – is not nothing but a sign of loyalty to the brand, the people who create the brand, as well as positive experiences of contact with the brand. This experience is inevitably creates a sense of belonging. He can also serve as a mechanism of perpetual motion, an endless chain of positive feedback, in which each party encourages the other.

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