Feb 09 2013

Tourism Meetings And Business

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Tourism meetings and business (business activities) can be combined with tourism and recreational leisure and considerably improves the seasonality, strengthening the tourist life of the receiving areas. Professional and business activities generate numerous trips of a commercial nature and participation in fairs, congresses, conventions, workshops, technical conferences and other circumstances related to the business world that can be summarized in the following sections:-trade fairs and Work-shops: the fairs organize a market where he combines (exhibitors) supply and demand (visitors) of a specific branch of activity. The functions fulfilled a fair are of informative nature or communication, commercial, sales, advertising, economic and cultural. -Incentive trips and congresses: the modality of travel incentives arises in the bosom of the companies to compensate employees who have reached a goal that previously brand the company, especially when the wage is the incentive priority and has become something stable being the production, sales or productivity factor variable that always tends to rise and complementary to the salary. Incentive trips have not been a massive tourist product, but rather a restricted product. organized from Spain or from foreign companies that have proposed and elected Spain as favorite for this type of travel destination and it has been thus considered as an appendix of tourism meetings, congresses and conventions, these trips are organized through the receptive agenicas DMC. Business tourism high season often coincides with the traditional tourism low season, thus assuming a favorable element for breaking the seasonality of tourism in Spain. Original author and source of the article

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