Feb 14 2019

This Aqua

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Aqua fitness jogging belts are the most popular aqua fitness articles in the trade. Then, there are still Aqua leg swimmer. This is available in different sizes for the ankles. Also Thus you can do aqua jogging and the intensity varies highly depending on the size of the leg float (due to its buoyancy/resistance). Engewendet also in the water troughs must you also work here much more with the poor to keep the balance. Then something for the arms and upper body muscles. Aqua disc are two halves made of plastic, one for each hand, in that you get should have access. Moves under the water emerges a resistance must always be pushed away.

This Aqua disc are particularly well suited for the training of coordination, strength and endurance. Then there is Aqua twins, that are plastic discs that are attached to the feet. Aqua twin provides enough lift, so you can move freely in the water without using additional flotation devices. As simulated exercises such as cycling or climbing stairs. Another advantage of the most Aqua twins is the second function as an Aqua disc. Simply in the hands and fingers into the recesses provided for this purpose, a classic Aqua disc arises.

These are the three most probably most common used aqua fitness equipment. Of course, there is much more good buoyancy AIDS such as floating boards and pool noodles, but that would go beyond the scope here. Finally Let’s warmly this sport all those who want to do something for themselves, to heart. After two training sessions you will notice what the whole thing is fun. And it is also gentle on the joints. We wish you much success in the aqua fitness. Gladly we help you if you have questions. Just visit our Internet shop at

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