May 22 2019

The Solution

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Only people who are interested in cooking classes will continue reading. There is a myth that while more eyes see your notice, is better. That is a mistake. What you do a million impressions (views) If none of those people are interested in what you offer? Go to the people who are most likely interested in what you have, and you’ll be much more successful. And if you think this is a no-brainer, you’re not so sure.

I reproduce here some headings of announcements in magazines. Look if met with the of tell them what they offer. 1. A reputable company with a clean track record 2. We make a difference 3 for 66 years. Because we know that health has its price 4. Small wonder can deduct from those headings about what they have for you? I think that not. AND the graph does not help.

These headings were written by people who believe that the objective is to be ready and creative, not direct and to the point. Make sure you clarify what you have for the people and who is that, and will leave behind many competitors. 2) Tell them why and how that the help – or improve their lives once you aclaraste what offer to persons whom you go, is the time to tell them why they should want that and how that will improve their lives. First you have to understand that all products and services are solutions to problems. If a product or service does not solve a problem, it should not exist. If the problem is boredom, the solution could be as simple as a game of video or a toy, or as elaborate as a week’s vacation in a fun place. If the problem is that you’re hungry, the solution could be a chocolate bar or a dinner at a restaurant.

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