Jul 26 2020

The Ritual

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Sometimes this communication should to do long hours for several days or even weeks, doing more mental strength to what you want to happen. But if you really want, then it will happen. Importantly – to continue their effects. Of course, There are many nuances and subtleties in each case, which you can learn from our holidays. But something you can try today! It so happened that I was approached by a quite young, healthy and beautiful a girl who has long been one. She did not have a partner in life. But she liked a man with whom she had met continuously in the subway. Her heart says that this is the one who needed her.

But all around there were many beautiful girls. It does not knew what to do, that he came just to her. So I handed her the ritual communion with the soul of man. The next day she again saw the man she liked. 'That's it! – Olga decided – now proceed to practice. First, I lose nothing, and secondly, I have always helped the knowledge I received from Albina! Albina not bad advise '.

And I took up the ritual. Right there, sitting on the subway, I closed her eyes, all thoughts turned heart to God for that He helped me find a life partner, one who would have been my soul mate, encouragement and support throughout. Then I saw him before his inner eye. He had a kindly face, and I felt that he too wants to talk to me, but do not know how to begin.

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