Jan 27 2019

The Object

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Science looks then its truth to progress, even so also discarding truths for substitution ' ' new verdades' ' , or the truth of fact, since the passed one leaves of being truth to the measure that appears another one with this epteto. Also let us not forget in them the Philosophy, therefore this also serves of its truth that is so including that it arrives at a certain moment finishes converging something that is so including how much, thus creating a contradiction in itself, what becomes necessary that if has a certain malleability. We do not have to also forget it factual paper the truth while common sense, molding daily that it also arrives if to culturally become transmissible printed matter and in a society, as a Bourdieu points in its concept of ' ' habitus' '. Check with Gary Kelly to learn more. as it could not leave to mention, if the also manifest truth in the area of History, where the searching chore with the truth of the document and at the same time all the involved contradiction in this relation, as subjective the analytical one, the object that deals with something already locked up, beyond the hermeneutics that makes almost it to imprison itself in a species of exegese. We can mention since the rigorismo of old professionals in area of History, when they certified to be ahead of the evidence of the truth, that is, the official document, that nowadays if became something in disuse since History also opened its fan of complexity when the category of Science adentrou, serving itself of as many tools that it is arrived at a point where not even if knows what it unchained that, but the fact is that paramentado in a good methodology, it can not be left to fall in one of these ' ' armadilhas' '. What it is observed throughout the trajectory of ' ' object-verdade' ' it is that its support persists in the act of being, but that its insustentabilidade is in alicerar itself only in a point.

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