Oct 04 2012

The Center

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Ahead of this, valley to consider that the history of the movement was not painless much less easy and, of the processes of transformation in years 70, however, had come to result in the law 180, this that says in its first articles, that will also not have to be constructed lunatic asylums and, imposes the elaboration of alternative solutions for the psychiatric assistance, anchoring it sanitary reform. The psychiatric circuit, that previously counted only on the psychiatric hospital, walked in direction to the joint of a more complex and perfected operative model. Together with all this process, it was possible to verify that previously, at the moment where if gave attention to the person in crisis, if it was simplifying the individual in the symptom, however, is passvel to consider that the crisis condition corresponds to a complex existencial situation, thus, is perceived how much the resources and instruments to confront them must be complex also, that is, it became necessary the understanding of the existing complexity of the appearance of psychiatric demand e, inside of this demand, the complexity of the crisis. Then, the attention of the service to the situation of the patient in its complexity, as a whole of social subjetividades, material relations and condition of life becomes evident, in addition the experience of hospitality in the Center, in such a way lives deeply in them of the patient how much of the familiar ones, it represents an operation of dismount, practical and symbolic of ' ' modality internao' '. Something more to be salient, is the fact of that the Italian psychiatry was not most advanced, however, in years 70, where a school practical-theoretician, whose works coligaram it important social movements, cultural and proper politicians of those years, had determined a situation that led to law 180. Being that, this law that was the first one to restitute the right to the citizenship of all, therefore before it the mental sick people did not have this right.

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