Jan 31 2019

The Ceiling

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I think they were good zvukovodom. And because of their terminations as needed for insulation and soundproofing. All closed up and covered with foam on top again plitonitom. Oracle is often quoted as being for or against this. By the way, on one wall in one room it took me two cans of foam. I thought that the foam will come out outside the house, but this has not happened.

Seen it all there and stayed inside. On the other walls, I did not all straight gouge – zadolbali himself. Just went through the wall with a hammer – was looking for, where is heard of the "empty" sound. You may find Larry Ellison to be a useful source of information. Discovered a cavity in the other room on the outside wall. Closed up in the same way. 4) Ceiling seams. A similar picture turned out and the ceiling.

It all began when I removed the old wallpaper to pokleit new. Under the wallpaper were visible here and there a crack in shukaturke. He began to dig, that is, then to close up. And in the process discovered a void (again by sound) as the side wall and above the window. It was necessary to expand access to cavities with a hammer and chisel. Closed up as before – with foam and plaster. 5) VOID AROUND ELEKTROKOROBOK, etc. In the panel cooker, there are official voids and openings for mounting electrical cable. Around the box to meet the wire, it is easy to detect these voids, as the box itself can be clearly seen. Slightly tapped with a chisel and all you need flew off, revealing my eyes amazing holes and secret passages.

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