Jul 21 2014

The Blueroom Project

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Yesterday I was spectator of an intense debate among friends about the sponsorship in sport. The issue arose from recent events related to corruption in Marbella, on the one hand, and doping in cycling, on the other. Companies that sponsor sporting, social and cultural business events (fairs, festivals, cycling teams, etc.) extremely important in the territorial or social area where are located and which later involved in alleged scams, frauds and Bartffeld, splashing to agencies and promoting institutions of those events (organization committees, local councils, business organisations), where does that investigate public administrationpromoter of an event, the sponsor? Should the local Corporation of shift to track rumors about alleged irregularities technical, economic, financial and commercial of the sponsor? Or, on the contrary, take the money offered to him and look for another side? In any case, when that complaint already is not a rumor but a reality, no excuse. The promoter should act accordingly and not flee forward, assuming that it has no responsibility. Some of the authors I’ve read about the referent, defined sponsorship exploring the concepts of guarantor, sponsor, patron and sponsor.

In this way lead to the definition of sponsorship, in broad sense, of Quim Roca Ferrer, partner of The Blueroom Project, as communication through sponsorship. But none digs on the social reliability of the sponsor, probably because pose it. Without going into the defence of the positions with base, arising in the debate on ideas such as patron, sponsor, sponsorship, publicity spectacle, etc, another thesis of sponsorship with which I can identify, is Henrik depart, that defines him as a means of communication that allows you to associate and promote a brand or a determined through an attractive event and a public corporation specific objective. In the Decade of the nineties I attended a conference about sponsoring, taught, among others, by, at the time, responsible for advertising of Larios, S.A. (don’t remember his name).

He said that advertising in the sponsoring appears integrated within the own show less aggressive, less interested than the conventional way. It is not what is observed lately, either at a few summer games or at a film festival (for example). And the responsibility for possible damage to the image and credibility of the institutions is already of which promotes for not putting earth’s through quickly, for sake of the event and the society.

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