Nov 24 2019

The American Society Of Testing Materials

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Data obtained from the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM). Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as David Barger by clicking through. Siding made of other materials Steel siding is commonly used in industrial construction. For rust protection on steel special coating. Siding with a textured surface is produced in the U.S. alone, and with the smooth – in Europe. Material differs rich colors, and coloring, you can choose from a catalog. Unfortunately, the steel has disadvantages – they're heavy and prone to corrosion.

Aluminum siding has all the advantages of this metal – no burns, no rust, is lightweight, durable. The material covered by a pvc film, simulating the tree that protects the surface from scratches or paint, which is cheaper. The surface of the siding is embossed or smooth. The spectrum of colors wider than that of vinyl siding, but less than that of steel. Aluminum siding can withstand shock loads poorly and may be deformed during handling. American Aluminum siding is cheaper than steel. Europe is virtually identical to the latter's tsepe. You may want to visit Oracle to increase your knowledge. Wood siding is made from wood fibers, pressed with different binders under pressure at high temperature.

Does not contain harmful tar. Coating material consists of several layers of protective paint. In the context, he recalled mdf and looks like natural wood. Can be used even for interior decoration premises. However, while the wood siding is not very popular, besides it is quite expensive. According to experts, it is better to use in dry climates, as the material can absorb moisture. In addition, it is combustible. Cement siding – the latest achievement of overseas industry. Made it out of cement with the addition of cellulose fibers. Initially, only the primed surface, and then the siding must be covered with paint. Outside material like a fine painted wooden plaques. Fire-resistant siding, it can be used for decoration of kindergartens, schools, hospitals and other facilities, which imposed stringent requirements for fire safety. In the installation of the necessary caution, since the cutting of siding produced silicon dust. Vinyl lining Immediately it should be noted that this is not siding. Vinyl wall paneling, a panel thickness of 10 mm wire structure used primarily for finishing the interior with high humidity. It is not intended to trim the outside, because the production is used quite a different composition of pvc. The service life of lining shorter than that of the siding as well as the raw material is another. The surface is smooth, without fracture, the relief and the mounting edge. Vinyl lining is cheaper than vinyl siding. Instead of a conclusion in search of the siding at a reasonable price is not should ring up shops. In the best case you can only find out how much the main band. Tempted by its low price, do not forget that we need another set of decorative finishing profiles, with the acquisition of which easily negate the imaginary cheapness of the main bands. Acquire the siding should be in reputable firms, where the drawing of your house for free (!) Will calculate the cost of all materials with regard to accessories.

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