Feb 09 2014

Tax Code

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08/31/2010. Ministry of Finance has considered the possibility of deducting the vat calculated and paid to the budget builder to 10/01/2010 upon receipt of advance payments against future service provision in a contract of participation in joint construction and prepared a letter dated August 31, 2010 N 03-07-10/11. In his letter to Ministry of Finance makes the following conclusion: if the contract of a joint construction services to implement the developer will be amended to that the cost of services developer will be reduced by the amount of value added tax, the amount of tax assessed and paid to the budget of the developer upon receipt of payment (partial payment) for the upcoming delivery these services and the return of property developer participatory construction based on changes to the contract shall be deducted. Moreover, in case of failure of the taxpayer from the release of these services from the vat tax amount from payment received under the contract of a joint construction to 01.10.2010, should be deducted in the general procedure (Section 5, Art. 149 of the Tax Code).

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