Apr 01 2016

Poetry & Stories

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Every time someone writes something about his life, arouses curiosity in the readers, especially if the writer who narrates, is something sordid or personal issues and difficult to spread. Issues related to sex drugs or alcohol. And yCual would be the goal of writing about these issues? yDespertar morbid curiosity in the reader?, yhacerse known for their experiences of conflict in their relationships? Everything I say this because I want to take this opportunity to tell a small part of my life, but the purpose of my story has nothing to do with any of the above. The purpose of my story is that the reader at best, to feel identified with it. And somehow see how the writer faces this situation. We are three brothers who at an early age, our father left us when he died of a murder victim. Children of a widowed mother, who had to leave it alone to finish educating their three children. When our father died, my older brother had, 15 years, my younger brother was born 6 months, and that writes, 10 years old.

The largest came to reach the public accounting profession, and the youngest graduate in engineering. The only one who was a the black sheep of the Familiae , it was me, because I decided to choose art. I give this name because my mother always says that the only one who wanted to study, it was me. In selecting art and especially music, unfortunately I got involved in my youth, the problem of alcohol then, thank God issues are part of my past that were overcome long ago.