Mar 09 2016


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People are intelligent, perceptive, and also generates great expectations. Here follows, that Empowerment has three basic scopes referred to the following: relationships: these relationships that you saved with his people must have two fundamental attributes: must be effective, for the achievement of the objectives proposed in the work; and solid, i.e., that they remain in time and not dependent on volatile mood. Discipline: the Empowerment does not mean relaxing discipline and allowing paternalism to invade the company. In this sense it is necessary to promote: the order that people can work in a structured and organized, system which will allow you to develop its activities properly. Staff It should always know where this stopped.

Commitment: commitment should be consistent and determined at all levels, but promoted by leaders and agents of change. This includes: loyalty, be loyal to our own people, so that they are with us; persistence, persevere in the goals, in the relationships at work, that our people live it and do it in a way in that we pass it; and finally the energy of action, which is the force that stimulates and excites and that turns people into vital leaders. Impact can in particular be mentioned: provides a context for decision-making, a stable reference point from which the objectives are established and planned. A meter that makes it possible to measure the progress of the team against a foreign supplies. It provides a focus for collaboration and shared responsibility. Motivating excellence and high efficiency. Should not be forgotten, that: A team that plays not to lose and not win, frequently loses stimulus, and focused on winning, the adversary uses its positive energy to reverse the game.

Communication is vital to the performance, the more frequent is the communication of employees, greater are the chances of that are efficient, thus necessitating the Manager should encourage her involvement and communication. Confidence is a prerequisite to good communication, the biggest problem of the lack of confidence is that people communicate; If the speed of communication can occur several negative consequences such as: confusion, tension, reduction of productivity, resentment, frustration and inability of the employee to perform the work.To handle a situation of stalling, is needed to understand how groups learn to behave. Past experiences and present beliefs may affect negatively the disposal of the members of the group change, slowing the flow of productive energy in the work unit and to exit it should recognize it to be able to stop it, describe the group situation and create a challenge. The rules, as the habits, have several positive aspects: they allow people to know what is expected, help to maintain order, eliminate the need to rethink every action and give a feeling of security. On the other hand, also represent disadvantages: they are resistant to change, they can hinder the way to maximum efficiency, and they cannot be accepted in a thoughtless way. Another aspect to consider is the creativity, is a very important factor in teams; many times happens to us we were ciclados with an idea and this is called functional fixation and a good way to get out of it is to think about what you can not do. Creativity is the process of breaking old connections and establish new connections that are useful. Take advantage of opportunities in time is very important to be successful, that is, the high efficiency equipment are opportunistic.