Oct 04 2018

Accountancy Salary

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As well as conducting plan vs. actual analysis of the financial of the company. The following major modifications to the 50-100 Accountancy Salary + + + Trade with modifications to the server when the fastest growing companies completions, in most cases, are the main components. Large Over 100 All components with modifications + When the server is a complex system of payroll staff – in the "Salary and Personnel" as amended. 3.2. FIRM – Sales also are the most common variants automation of the enterprises whose activities are related to production. Depending on the size of the Company may vary the platform, the same is the availability of a software product that allows automate record-keeping of the production process – PUB, or SCP. Stage of development of the Company Number of people below the average RESOLUTION NOTE 10-30 Accounting + Trade / PUB With a small production may use as standard features PUB, so refinement typical of Commerce. Average Accounting + PUB 30-50 with modifications + + Salary + Finplanirovanie server for system stability, with 20 or more jobs is advisable to buy a license for SQL server version or component 1C: ENTERPRISE 7.7. The following major modifications to the Accounting 50-100 + Salary + PUB with modifications Finplanirovanie + / + SCP server, depending on the complexity of the manufacturing process can be used – a simpler version, PUB, the more complex SPC Major over 100 all components with modifications + Server Initially you can use standard configurations with phase-modification system in accordance with individual companies or a full implementation of SCP.

Dec 08 2017

Technological Knowledge Gaps

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You already know how to use a computer, but there are still gaps in knowledge? We invite you to the book of the store IT-book.com.ua help you: Learn how to confidently use the Internet, including search information and protect their confidential data to master the digital camera filming and subsequent correction of the photos on your computer Install and use a variety of useful programs that will facilitate and speed up your work on PC This is the skills that distinguish an experienced PC user from the 'pot'. The study presented in this paper books and then applying the knowledge – it is a proven recipe that will help you become an 'advanced' computer user. You can often avoid the need to seek the help of colleagues and relatives, who are already computer 'guru'. Instead, you call them the respect that familiar with the intricacies of using a PC and yourself can give them useful advice. Presented in the article of the book have been carefully selected among many others.

They are written in accessible language, contain relevant information, their usefulness is confirmed reviews readers. Book 'Internet. Stunts & Effects (+ CD) 'books about using the Internet for beginners very much. Many books on Internet technologies were released to programmers and professionals. But is there any books about the Internet, which would be designed to the user with an average level of training? Such publications in Russian is almost there. This book was written to fill this gap. The book contains hundreds of non-obvious tricks and bag of tricks for the Internet, describes dozens of useful programs that are thousands of important tips and recommendations.

Sep 22 2011


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Configuration 1C: Document developed by 1C: Enterprise 8.2. The main purpose of this configuration is the workflow. The main functions of the configuration 1C: Document: Creating and storage of various documents, including the simultaneous work of employees with the same instrument; Convenience searching documents by content; Ability to download documents from various sources, including the scanner and email to a version control of documents. In the configuration of all the documents are divided into three types: Inbound, Outbound, Domestic. For each document, you can set a responsible person without the consent of that status of a document can not be changed. Incoming documents can be registered as from physical and legal persons. The processing of incoming documents, as a rule, as follows: Registration – review – enforcement.

"The life of" outgoing documents longer than a few: the creation – harmonize – Approval – Registration. With regard to internal documents (which may be internal orders memoranda, documents, personnel records management, etc.), their registration is done only after approval by the responsible person. In the program, each type of document stored in a separate list with a flexible numbering system. Configuration 1C: Workflow allows you to store, edit and print various files, placing them in a hierarchical fashion for the convenience of working with them. It is worth noting also that the program is automatic time tracking of employees. According to the results of the information collected generates reports in a variety of lists, charts and calendars.

Program 1C: Workflow can run on a separate computer, and within the local network. If necessary, you can organize the configuration through Web-based interface (this will allow staff to work with the program from home). There are versions of the program 1C: Workflow for Windows and Linux. Configuration is updated periodically and is becoming more and more new features.