Dec 23 2012

Balanced Scorecard

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Do with a Balanced Scorecard analyze how your venture will nearing purposes, offering the possibility of putting in practice correctives, stimuli and channeling of energies, to achieve that you carry to the compa? ia to the precise goal. Importance of the use of the Balanced Scorecard the Balanced Scorecard is a guideline so convenient that defines that way must be the current development to establish the future goal. Do Balance Scorecard you effected the way and the organization that will make possible to obtain long-term strategic, goals by defining four types of strategic actions: – financial performance – knowledge of the client – internal mechanisms of business – learning and growing with this control, the Balanced Scorecard Dise? a method that makes punctually, noted that corrective measures and mechanisms should be used for the achievement of the objectives. This procedure creates, in turn, certain structure which is retroalimentara all the operations team, strengthening the strategies of the Administration, functions, procedures, self-assessment, evaluation, correction and improvement mechanisms. The Do do Balanced Scorecard done, brilliantly, table of Integral management, CMI, ense? andonos to consider the organization from four perspectives, located through four questions:-development and learning (Learning and Growth):?Do we continue improving and promoting value? -Internal (Internal Business) business:?In that tendriamos that stand out? -Customer (Customer):?Watch us how buyers? -Financiera (Financial):?How we see us towards the shareholders? Balanced Score Card is a system of strategic management Organizacionrial, which is based on: formulate a transparent and consistent management – through the Organization, communicate the strategy – coordinate the purposes of different organizational units.

-Attach the objectives with the financial and budgetary planning. -Define and identify the strategic initiatives. -Raise timely corrective solutions. Do the pictures of command (CM), become relevant for control of businesses, represent tools that offer a permanent and reliable monitoring to the objectives of the compa? ia. Then then, in the process Organizacionrial is establecerian two dashboards that manejarian indicators, the strategic Scorecard box (CME), as a scorecard, and if the indicators are operating the box of operating controls (CMO), refers to the routine indicators of particular departments of the organization. The CMO is should be used daily, weekly or monthly and focused on indicators that represent procedures.

Its use is quite cheap and simple. It is a perfect starting point for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard. CMO online comes to be determinant in critical moments and for its implementation in practice, proposes six stages: 1. obtaining information and probe of the circumstances. 2. Analysis of the Organization and determination of the functions. 3. Study of the level of information needs and according to priorities. Do 4 you? alization of the variables reviews on each functional area. 5 Establishment of a diligent and efficient correspondence between variables and measures for its control is critical. 6 Installation of the Balanced Score card according to the information obtained and the requirements. Do Balanced Scorecard, put that her compa? ia aims to go further.