Mar 15 2017

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For lighting, you can use continuous and pulsed light. Constant light for the time being unpopular by photographers: imagine a few kilowatt lighting in a small room. Izoydet later model and you, not to mention already on the network load. Spotlights are invaluable when shooting video, and photography now prefer to pulsed light. The main thing is that all the flash fires Simultaneity, were synchronized.

We need at least two outbreaks and the background. In as 'compulsory' flash (ie, 'compulsory' shadow) can use the flash on the camera. Absolutely necessary 'depicting' (that is, 'drawing a' cut-off figure) flash with diffuser, synchronized with main camera flashes. (Sinhrokontakt and Sync – a way to synchronize bursts through the specials. Cable. – photocell on the flash unit, which makes it operate in a different light flash) Options: 1. Budget. Buy a flash-lamp under normal cartridge with built-in sinhrolovushkoy.

On the market this can be found for $ 20-30. Dr. Scott Kahan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. From old cardboard boxes and sheets collect 'soft box' – flash lamp should be closed on all sides, except hand, aimed at the model. This side is covered with a piece of white sheet (of paper) as a lens. In the box from the camera must be provided a hole for the entry of light from the main flash, and so way synchronization. Regulator of the flash power is a piece of foil (wrap from chocolate), which is slightly concealed by the flash. Put this construction on the table for the book planted for height adjustment. Strengths: low price Cons: low capacity and difficulty of the power control and direction of light. A lab fire hazard. Difficulty synchronizing with the main flash, if the lamp is completely closed. 2. Qualitative. Buy a studio flash and soft box (or umbrella), and stand under them. In the first case we immediately have the device ready for use (softboxes are usually suitable only for 'native' flash across the connection and buy them is at once one place). Rack also buy a 'home' since Different manufacturers make different outbreaks got into the habit of fastening his outbursts. In the second case, you can buy a flash in one place, an umbrella in the other. You can also used as a conventional umbrella with a lens is stretched white cloth inside. Stand with frequent standard (1.8 'I think), in a flash almost always have a hole for attaching an umbrella. I prefer soft box, as with Using it you can create a directional light and diffuse. Advantages: Smooth regulation (there is already a bit outdated flash with 1-3 stages of power, they would have to add. To regulate all the same piece of foil). Compactness, accuracy models, ease of management. Disadvantage: Price. The most inexpensive outbreak Rekam now (do not count them for advertising ;-), from $ 200 + soft box ($ 80) + stand ($ 50) 3. Super. I will mention for general information. Flash generator. This is when one block the accumulation of energy for the outbreak, and the executive head (there may be many) are separate and consist only of the actual flash lamp. Prices of these devices start at several thousand dollars. If you have have such facilities, spacious rooms, rails on the ceiling mount of outbreaks, a separate storage area for backdrops, nozzles, filters, spare parts and then try.