Jun 04 2020

Teenage Hacker Unlocked

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A teenager hacker unlocked the iPhone. The news agency Associated Press has just confirmed that George Hotz, a young American of only 17 years, managed to unlock the iPhone to work with different mobile operators, including non-US companies. The New Jersey hacker says he took on the task of unlocking the iPhone as a project of the summer and work with the help of four other people in your project, two of whom live in Russia. It took 500 hours to get it and the process to release the iPhone is extremely complex and requires changes to both hardware and software. David Fowler describes an additional similar source. But now only takes two hours. "Some of my friends think I lost my vacation, but I think it was worth it," Hotz told the U.S. The Record of Bergen County. My opinion is that this helps the consumer to choose the company that provides the service cheaper.

The method is not equal to others who used to copy the information as the SIM card, but the technique leaves a lot Hotz iPhone functions intact, such as the "visual voicemail, which sends voice messages as if they were incoming e-mail. Hotz said he was not interested in making money with this, preferring to give the information and hopes that others do not use their technology to these ends. Hotz placed the information on his blog. iPhone was launched last June 29 in the United States and plans to distribute in Europe later this year. Hotz Thanks to anyone, no matter which country is ready to use the iPhone. You can buy ready iPhone on eBay for $ 2000 or see the video of how to hack yourself on YouTube.com and Hotz's blog iphonejtag.blogspot.com So far both Apple and AT & T have made any comment about what happened. Under U.S.

law, Hotz has not violated any laws. AT & T customers who started using the iphone received a cardboard box containing 300 pages with all the detailed transactions of every text message sent and received, and some of them with very high bills like Mr. Pierre he received a bill for $ 4,190.76 from AT & T. Finally, Hotz said in an interview that he would like to have a meeting face to face with Steve Jobs, CEO and co-founder of Apple.