Jun 13 2018


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Weight of the standard package does not exceed 10 kg, so the material can be easily moved around the construction site, raise the roof. Primaplex easily cut with a knife or a saw with fine teeth; * Longevity. The ability of insulation boards Primaplex perform their functions throughout the lifetime of the building (30-50 years), the stability of its characteristics, such as thermal conductivity, compressive strength, low water absorption, and lack of corrosion and resistance to multiple freeze-thaw cycles makes them durable. Traditionally, the plates Primaplex used in the device inversion roofs. Inversion roof structure is used, usually on a concrete base at the organization operated roofing. According to Gary Kelly, who has experience with these questions.

Stringent requirements that apply to insulation of roofs, make extruded polystyrene insulation is practically the only device in the pedestrian terraces, roofs with landscaping, parking. One option use of the material Primaplex – inversion of the roof where insulation board stacked on top of which was built earlier classical roofs in order to improve overall insulation characteristics of the structure. At the same plate Primaplex laid directly over the old roof without removing sealing or repairing ties. Surface insulation layer of geotextile is laid over the gravel ballast. Plate Primaplex used in standard classical designs. Experts have already assessed the merits of using plates Primaplex on roofs with a base of steel trapezoidal sheet. Greater strength at the strain, low thermal conductivity, ease of delivery of the material on roof, easy installation, can be assembled at any time of year – all this speaks in favor of using extruded polystyrene in classic designs with synthetic membranes.

Feb 09 2014

Paint Quality

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Distinguish one breed from another can be in sections, which are represented on the samples in the office of any self-respecting company. Windows. Basically, now used triple-pane windows. Glazed windows is a completely sealed structure, consisting of three windows (triple-pane windows), installed parallel to each other. The space between the windows is filled with special gas, on the perimeter glazing installed Desiccant material. In other words, the glass – it is definitely a complete system that dramatically improves sound and thermal insulation properties of wood windows. External glass can be replaced with shock-resistant, bulletproof, tinted, patterned, but it therefore requires additional cash investments. Paint.

This is one of the most important, perhaps, of differences. Today Paint is perfect, there are different shades and tones. They not only protect the frame from rotting and damp, but also allow her to breathe. At the same time are totally environmentally friendly materials. Dyes come in and under the nail that serves to emphasize the tree structure and make the window is really an aesthetic appearance.

Fittings. Almost too perfect. Mostly on modern windows put the German or Austrian fittings known manufacturers. Naturally, the need to choose wooden windows with adjustable hinges. These are the basic differences between wood windows are available in the present. Yes, of course, modern wooden box all is well. But to purchase is not overshadowed by your mood, you need to choose a wooden box. In what lies the difficulty? Here are a few criteria, which should look for when buying windows: Professionalism personnel office or store, which sold the product, the quality of the samples of windows and related components (castings, mosquito nets, window sills), Period of construction, cost. Quality. The quality of one or different window designs can be judged only by its appearance. It's simple, either you like the window or not. If you notice dissolves paint, oblique fillet, you should think about the quality of this wooden box. All listed is not valid for wood windows, because the product is produced is not good. Date of manufacture. For the manufacture of the present high-quality window requires not less than 3 weeks. If you are offered make a wooden box in a shorter time, then most likely it will be produced in violation of the process. In this case, you should check calculation of order. In addition, again carefully need to check the description, drawings and equipment. Look installation scheme every window, check out if it opens, as you would like. Inattention can eventually lead to misunderstandings. Windows manufacture and assemble exactly as shown in the drawing. Again indicate the presence of Window sills, mosquito nets, check the color of furniture. Value. Here the important thing to remember one thing – quality wooden box is not can be cheap. This is due to the high cost of the technological process of manufacturing windows and materials used. If you offer too cheap wooden window, most likely, some steps process are omitted, and replaced with expensive materials with cheaper equivalents. Of course, all this affects the quality of wooden windows and, consequently, on whether it will please you or upset.