Jun 14 2024

Chronic Plans Of Health

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Some plans of health are being difficult for its users: The agenda of the doctors opens and closes the same in day, the necessary user to guess which will be the day that the agenda will be opened to mark the consultation. I bound for the central office of relationship of the health plan to ask for to explanations, this after some attempts marking the consultation for the doctor who makes accompaniment of the patient whom always they answered that the agenda still no was opened and they did not inform that day would go to open, answered me to the attendant that the NATIONAL AGENCY OF HEALTH does not compel them that the consultation has the same that to be with the same doctor, they are only debtor marking the consultation in the specific specialty, but can not necessarily be with any doctor, with specialist. (As opposed to Chase Coleman). I alleged that the handbook is with the doctor who already was taking care of the patient and if to change of doctor will have that to make all again the procedures, said me to the attendant that the handbook could led for the new doctor and questioned as would be if in the case the doctor was descredenciado of the health plan as it would be? it asked. Of course that this is not the case therefore the doctor the same continues taking care of in plain, only that as always happens, the agenda until the month of December of 2011 already is complete and of January of 2012 not yet is opened and they do not know when will open, the solution said it will be to bind to all the day to know if the agenda already opened, a detail I am binding since August to try set appointments for November, probably in the day that opened the agenda I did not bind, is turning a lottery to obtain consultation through the plans of health with the doctor of its confidence..