May 25 2019


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In addition, some advertisers pay each time that is He has clicked on your link or the page that has your link looks. When you have higher traffic on your blog, you should try to keep visitors returning back and recommend your blog to friends and colleagues. This can be done by taking content informative and a good design and the blog format. You can develop your blog content or services of a writer of web content can also be purchased to provide the articles of the blog. The format of the blog and design also play an important role. While most of the companies that offer free blog hosting offer default templates, there are also some that allows customization that if you use this feature correctly can increase traffic to your blog. Here are some tips to make your blog is destac which of the millions of blogs out there that have standard designs. * Customize the banner the banner usually has the most generic designs that are common to a blogs or services company blogs.

You can personalize this banner bearing a graphic with the dimensions of a banner. You can also edit the graphic so that it will also include the title of your blog. In this case, you can create your own graphics, or you can buy on line professional graphics in less than $10. * Customization of photos of course, most of the photos you publish will be theirs. However, if you do not customize photographs before sending them, you may lose the maximization of benefits and improvements of graphics that you can add to the page. Add borders to the photo can help that photo it is highlighted in the page.

You can also add your blog design. You can choose a standard border or can also create its own edge that can be associated with the design of your blog. * Add a favicon does not think that sites with icons in the address bar rather than the URL of the web site are great? Many people believe it. These favicons add a professional look to the URL. These they are easy to do through the use of photo or graphic editing software. * Review blog templates, designs, wallpapers and textures of the sites there are sites that offer free templates, blog, designs, wallpapers, textures and skins. You can make use of these to your blog not be see generic as most of the blogs hosted by the service provider. * Include this RSS channels is a fresh way of informing people with news about your blog of news readers. There are tutorials on RSS feeds available on the Internet. Of audio files makes your blog more staff not only audio customize the blog, but it can also keep your visitors wanting again. You can try with radio stations, mp3 or playlists loading with your blog. * Ads if you have signed with Google Ad-Sense, which I am sure you want to do, make sure that ads are conveniently placed so that they do not impede the ease of its readers in accessing information from your blog. Try to use these Tips and find free and professional Internet web templates since it can definitely increase and keep traffic on your blog.

Jun 16 2014

Financial Liberty

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This time, based on the book we want you to be rich, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump, I want to talk about some of the features that rich people have in common, with the intention that you identify what you must change or improve if you want to be rich and financially free. MINDSET results that we get in life are determined by the actions that we perform on a daily basis, and such actions, they derive from any thought. Therefore, to change our results we have to change our way of thinking, in other words, if we want to solve our financial problems, we must think like rich and stop thinking as poor. Poor people usually has a mentality of merit; they expect the Government to take care of them, but if the Government does not deal with them, who will? with a nation in crisis and with you watching and critiquing from your Chair, how you expect different results. Insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expect different results Albert Einstein.

Another mentality particular of the poor, as I said in my article the reality of money, is to think that money is the root of all evil. That is a serious error to be corrected, money can be used for good, can bring you happiness, it can give you more options in life, can give you greater freedom, etc. what I mean with this?; Not want to fly in a private jet to save time lost in airports? Or afford such expensive treatment to save your relative? Or have more time free to spend it with your loved ones? Poderte or give tastes in clothes, video games, cars, etc.? I believe that we all want. Intelligence financial intelligence is the ability to solve problems. Identify a problem in your life, your work, your business, etc., gives you the opportunity to devise a solution.