Nov 14 2019

Special Offer

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Porto Zante Villas & Spa, a leading five-star Resort, villa in Greece, recognized by Conde Nast Traveller magazine as the best hotel for privacy invites you into a world of luxury and privacy on the magical island of Zakynthos. Book your vacation at one of the luxury villas December 30, 2009 and receive a 15% discount on official prices. The offer includes: Free transfers to / from the airport on Zakynthos as well as from Athens. Porto Zante Club breakfast in the privacy of your villa or in restaurant Club House 2 Free Spa Procedure Free food for children bottle of champagne and fruit basket upon arrival This offer is valid from 26 November to 30 December 2009 for all new reservations for May and June 2010. Minimum reservation – 7 nights. About the Hotel Porto Zante Villas & Spa Located at private sandy beach, secluded coves of the island of Zakynthos, which is located to the west of mainland Greece and is famous for its turquoise waters and Venetian villages, Porto Zante – a hotel for the elite, where away from home can enjoy the private atmosphere and exclusive services provided around the clock five star hotel. Dinner at the Club House restaurant will give guests an unforgettable introduction to Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, and Spa and procedures thalassotherapy they get a true recovery.

This unique resort, decorated and furnished with selected works of Armani Casa and paintings of famous Greek artists, is a complex meet world standards of luxury villas, some of whom have personal heated pool and Spa Resort Location: the island is included in the Ionian Islands archipelago and is located an hour's boat ride from the nearest port on the mainland – Killiney (Peloponnese peninsula). Zakynthos has long been considered one of the most beautiful Greek islands. The Venetians, who owned an island in the Middle Ages, called it 'flower East'. Mountains clad mantle of pine forests, green vineyards, olive and almond groves, clean sea, golden beaches … the landscape can be admired without end. On the northernmost promontory of the island, Shinari, is amazing Blue Cave: penetrating into it the sun's rays are reflected in the sea and cause a wonderful silver-blue glow.

On the coast of the island you can see huge sea turtles 'Caretta'. Interestingly Zakynthos and its historic monuments. In the town Volimes remained impressive Venetian tower and the ancient churches decorated with frescoes by XI-XIV centuries, the capital of the island – a powerful fortress, also built by the Venetians. Island literally mesmerizing wondrous beauty of nature, peace and quiet, spilled into its air. There is no mass tourism: Zakynthos – the perfect place for private relaxation.

Jul 25 2015

Hotels In St. Petersburg Economy Class

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Every year for St. Petersburg is accompanied by an increase in the number of tourists who want to see all the sights. Too many tourists, being a great connoisseur of art and history, however, kind to their money and want to get affordable housing with a minimum set of amenities. All this fuels the demand, and as a consequence, stimulates the development of market economy-class hotel. Here for such travel and need this hotel. These economy-class hotels provide an opportunity to cheaply and with relative comfort to live in them a certain time, not spending at the same high material costs.

Customers economy class hotels in our time constitute a large enough share of the market of hotel services. Therefore, to draw a portrait of a typical representative of the target audience of budget hotels is quite difficult. The resulting portrait is a very versatile, because it a man who goes to watch the St. Petersburg, admire the beauty of its historical monuments, to penetrate the atmosphere of romance and grandeur, and a business person who is not going to all the free time sit in a room under air conditioning. But for such people, cheap hotels and are an excellent option. We note here that consumers such as tourists with a great family, great company of tourists and schoolchildren prefer, rather, some hostel for your stay. Another feature of all economy-class hotel – there was only very minimal, very small set of services. In various economy hotels meet a variety of services, but mostly it breakfast, parking place, internet access, taxi, restaurant or bar.

Jan 30 2013

Tripling Investments

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