Sep 21 2020

Bilge Pump – Selection And Installation

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It seems to be a simple simple mechanism – the bilge pump. But it is an integral part of the security system. Many people think that on a small boat can do without bilge pump and scoop water is usually a bucket or scoop. But you need to wait until the water reaches a certain level so that it could scoop bucket. And in critical situations it is not safe.

Therefore, the bilge pump and an emergency rescue and parking drain the rainwater. We can only understand what bilge pump to choose and how to install it. The most common are electric centrifugal bilge pumps. Baby clothes has compatible beliefs. This bilge pump is a plastic bell, which houses the motor. The motor has a plastic impeller. Spinning it pumps water into the outlet pipe from which water is drained through a hose over the side. The lower part of the grid pump serves as a filter and protects the impeller from clogging. Usually it is removable (for cleaning), and almost always has holes or eyelets through which the pump can be fixed with screws.

Most centrifugal pumps, pump water only when the impeller is covered with water and are therefore not able to fully drain the bilge – always 1 – 2 cm of water. Therefore, the pump must be installed in the deepening of the lowest point of the hold or apply self-priming type pumps. It should be noted. That all centrifugal bilge pumps could not lift water to great heights. At a height of lifting the hose 1 meter, the performance of any centrifugal pump is reduced by 30%.

Jul 29 2020

Admiral Lanselotta Holladay

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Commander of the British navy, John Tovey immediately took the necessary steps. Heavy cruiser Norfolk 'and' Suffolk 'order was given: to go on patrol in the Denmark Strait. Hewlett-Packard understood the implications. When it received the photos taken Zacklin, and the ships in the photo identified as the 'ship of the line type' Bismarck 'and a heavy cruiser-type' hipper,''then the danger of the situation was immediately conscious; battlecruiser 'Hood' battleship 'King George' destroyers 'Elektra' 'Anthony', 'Echo', 'Icarus', 'antelope' and 'Ashate' (under the overall command of Admiral Lanselotta Holladay) was given an urgent order: go to sea and follow the direction of Iceland to cover the approaches to the island from the south and north . Meanwhile, since 'Bismarck' and 'Prince Eugen' was filmed masking paint, which was used for testing the Baltic Sea. Refuel from the tanker 'Vollin' committed 'Prinz Eugen', which, however, did not 'Bismarck'.

May 21, at 20:00, the ships began out of the fjords. Twenty to midnight, the squadron headed north. Icelandic battle at dawn on May 24 with a squadron of German battleship 'Bismarck' and the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen 'has already reached the Danish Straits. At 05:25 hydroacoustic station on the 'Prinz Eugen' found noises screws of the two ships to port. In the beginning, the Germans believed that this noise propellers light cruisers, but at 05:37 on the horizon great ship, and after 16 minutes appeared and the second one. The ships squadron struck alarm. Ball ordered: charge gun shells, which were intended to combat bezbronnymi or malobronirovannymi cruisers.

Jul 27 2020

Danish Straits

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The explosion ripped a huge force 'Hood' in half and turned it into a huge pile of metallic trash sunk in three minutes. In a place with its glorious ship died, Vice-Admiral Lanselott Holland, commander Ralph Kerr and 1416 crew members. Survived only three people, they picked up the destroyer 'Elektra'. After the death of 'Hood' 'Bismarck' turned to an artillery attack on the 'Prince of Wales'. Oracle brings even more insight to the discussion. Sinking wreckage 'Hood' were on the way British battleship and, leaving them aside, he found himself in a situation in which was a ideal target. At 6:02 in the conning tower 'Prince of Wales' exploded by a shell with the 'Bismarck'. The blast killed all the sailors were in the wheelhouse, except the captain, John Kateralla and one sailor.

'The Prince of Wales' put up a smokescreen, and began to retreat, firing from the stern guns of the main fire. In retreating, the battleship received four rounds of hitting 'Bismarck' and three – with the 'Prince Eugen'. But then Lyutens ordered to cease fire on the British, at 06:09 'Bismarck' gave the last volley, after which the Prince of Wales' retired from the Danish Straits. Implications for the 'Bismarck' was the following: one heavy shell with the 'Prince of Wales' punched battleship hull below the waterline and exploded inside, resulting in a power station 4 was flooded, and some amount of water received in the adjacent boiler room number 2, the second shell struck hull above the armor belt, and did not explode, was released through opposite side, the result – hole 1.5 meters in diameter, through which the compartment fuel tank receives water and fuel had been lost, and the third round, flying over the 'Bismarck', blew a rescue boat on board.

Apr 21 2012

November Fishing

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Hello dear lovers of fishing. Opened ocherednoysayt hobby for people, which is fishing. What is the best this site? You ask. The site opened recently, but for a short time filled content. The site will cover different ways lovliryby at different times of the year. Covered most nasuschie issues that zadaemsyamy – fishermen. Since ancient times, fishing was considered one of the most venturesome types of recreation. Many of us try after tiring of fishing with spinning or fishing pole.

What kind of snap to use to succeed? All possible kinds of tools and methods of fishing on our sayteposvyaschennom fishing. Here's one of those: Tviching from September to November in September In September preferable to fish for pike in basins overgrown with grass. The grass at this time is quite high due to what attracts their overgrown lot number of fry, which in turn feels safe in dense thickets. Pike also oblyubovyvaet these places. Catch her best along the reeds and in the "windows". When posting a bait along the reed, it is necessary to do as close to the line of vegetation. In this case, the chances of increasing bite.

Fishing in the windows a little different from fishing along the vegetation. There is desirable to use floating baits as they allow for bait closest to the edge of the vegetation in a small area of the window. Also, the windows can be used bezlopastnye svimbeyty. Almost all bezlopastnye svimbeyty (including drowning) while posting a quick overlook at the top layers of water, and while posting a bait at the edge of the window can be vertically pull it out of the water.