Oct 17 2023


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Disturbing results – not every free antivirus app provides sufficient protection against malicious software Magdeburg, 10.11.2011 – the Magdeburg IT Security Institute AV-TEST examined first current freeware anti virus apps for the market-leading smartphone operating system Android on their protective performance compared to two selected fee-based providers. The results are more than disturbing for freeware offerings. Six out of seven is attested only a poor detection of malicious software, whereas the two fee-based protection solutions have a good of Kaspersky Lab and F-secure to very good protective behaviour. With the popularity of Android-based smartphones as hacker attacks through cleverly programmed malware apps rising, as the AV-TEST determine could Institute over the past few months. but as a related topic. AV-TEST on the reason wanted to go and find out how effective the promised protection freeware anti virus apps for Android Smartphone user is and how high download information and good reviews that are. The results of the independent AV-TEST laboratory show that almost all tested free antivirus apps can not protect the users of Android powered Smartphones from malicious attacks and don’t comply with the product description. The specified high download numbers and good reviews to the some certified program offers inadequate protection performance are available in any good relationship.

AV-TEST advises therefore all Android Smartphone users to rely not only on the reviews of a free antivirus app under consideration. In case of doubt, a look at the current test results helps. Excerpt from the report of the test used as test device was a commercially available Samsung GalaxyTab (GT-P1010) with the Android OS version 2.2.1. Following seven candidates have been selected among offered the official Android market food free apps to protect against malware: Zoner antivirus free, creative apps antivirus free, BluePoint antivirus free, GuardX antivirus, Kinetoo malware scan, LabMSF antivirus beta and privateer Lite. Similar to the two fee had Applications Kaspersky Mobile security and F-Secure Mobile security to undergo the same test conditions.