Mar 01 2019

Oberland Street

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A selective targeting is about the categories of consumer lifestyle, technology and media possible and can further be specified within each category. For a response measurement tracking links and coupon codes offered. Now advertise many established companies from the distance trade, banking and insurance, fundraiser, and many other industries with PaketPLUS. Especially attractive for advertisers is the possibility of PaketPLUS book to not only the usual side dishes, but also the very successful partners flyer. These two partners share the DIN long advertising and hence the TKPs (thousand contact price). The AZ direct as a full-service provider for successful dialogue marketing helps companies in acquiring new customers and the profitable expansion of existing customers. Parsed and typed the AZ direct target groups, validated data to perform data enrichment and catalog.

The central control of campaigns include service portfolio as well as on-demand remote control by means of marketing measures, for example about dealer networks.