Mar 21 2019

Herum Phase

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How exactly should I train? Interval training It is not suitable for everyone. You’re severely overweight or completely untrained, then should you first build a base fitness friends with traditional endurance training and strengthen your circulation. Joint-gentle sports such as cycling or swimming are offered especially for the launch. You think you fit enough, you should get a heart rate monitor you first. There is already for about 20-30 euros to buy them. Take the best one with the chest strap to the more accurate measurement.

It is important that, during training with the help of the pulse watch, you can see how intensely you train and how you far from your maximum heart rate (maximum pulse rate = 220 – age in years) are located. The heart rate monitor is a reliable instrument for the intensity of your training. It’s not easy, that finding the right balance between stress and relaxation. To take you to your limits and, at the same time still enough endurance for all intervals, you must test a bit and try Herum. Here a sample for interval training: 1.

Warm up – duration: 10 minutes – tempo: slow – Pulse: approx. 120-140 before you should always warm you up the training anyway, to prevent injuries. 2. first phase of load – duration: approx. 2-3 minutes – pace: fast – pulse: approx. 160-180 after you have warmed up your body, you give now for 2-3 minutes full throttle. The goal is to come for this short time on your performance limit. 3 relaxation phase – duration: approx. 3-5 minutes – tempo: slow – Pulse: approx. 120-140 after exposure followed by relaxation. Deep breath and come to forces. It is important that the relaxation phase is at least as long as the load phase. 4. second phase of load – duration: approx. 2-3 minutes – pace: fast – pulse: approx. 160-180 is now once again give everything to it, and to go to the limit. For 2 to 3 minutes you’re as fast as you can. 5. cool – duration: 5 minutes – tempo: slow – Pulse: approx. 120-150 you did it. You’ve got two very intense short load intervals behind you. Get deep air and train 5 minutes at moderate Pace. Any interval training could look like. Since the interval training is very intensive, you should take particularly, to give your body 48 hours for regeneration. After some workouts you will develop a sense for which times for you are the best. It is also important that you you continually increase over time and with build E.g. a third load phase. In summary, interval training for all those who want to achieve the best possible results in the shortest time is interesting. Note: careful and take it slow. Listen to your body’s warning signals. Search for questions, problems or pain be sure a doctor.