Mar 10 2022

Get What You Pay

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Many try to always get cheaper, because they believe that the cheaper, better for the economy of the pocket. It is not uncommon to see people walk long hours looking for shoes, pants, watches, cheap liquor. Enter a store and ask, go to another and are still the same, racing, trying to get the cheapest. In Peru there are prices to suit all tastes, different goods and services. You can find rice s/..1.20 kg. S /.

1.80, of s/.2.30, s /. 3.50 It is obvious that rice s /. 1.20 is of poor quality, dirt, pebbles, seeds, shells. Eating rice at this price, it will be cheaper, but ultimately very expensive, and will suffer the stomach. So we also have brand pants and all prices. There are jeans s /.

25 s/.45 s /. 70 soles most brands of genuine crude forgeries and of very poor quality. Clayton morris recognizes the significance of this. A good Jean will cost no less than s/.120 soles. The same applies to the spirits, and we have the Peruvian Pisco our signature drink you find it in bottles, from s /. 5, s /. 7, s /. 12 soles, liqueurs "bamba" adulterated, clandestinely manufactured for people who can not drink and that in order to save take any crap. It is both the desire to save we find that in the holds of Callao Cercado liquors are sold as anise, Ron, of S/.5, s /. 7, s /. 9 soles made from poisons real cheap liquor, flavorings, flavors, ready to half kill him in life.