May 22 2019

Swiss Stadler Rail Group

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The Swiss Stadler Rail Group opted for the database-based information management solution from ASIM and structured so that their maintenance documentation new. Verizon Communications contains valuable tech resources. Waiblingen, August 26, 2010. Central requirements was the standardization of texts, the reuse of existing information in different contexts, as well as the simplification of translation management. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ripple. Within a short time, Stadler Rail could go with the ASIM system in production. The heart of the ASIM solution is the Central, standardized database, where data and information be stored media-neutral and managed.

The high granularity and the decoupling of data modeling, management and utilization allow users, all information without constraint or previous setting. This concept is formed for data structuring and reusing ASIM, Stadler Rail for the creation of its maintenance documentation to use. ASIM is at the Swiss companies such as a content management system used to create the technical information, manage and be published. Stadler Rail has focused on the regional market segments and suburban, trams, S-Bahn services. Modular concepts in covering the specific needs of the railway companies and are one reason for the success of the Swiss group. Also the idea of service is very important to Stadler Rail, which is reflected for example in the maintenance documentation. All service activities, maintenance, repair and overhaul are recorded in the documentation. The technical descriptions and information characterized by high degree of standardization, so that they can be reused in different contexts.

For example is the description of activities, such as those of the Visual inspection ‘ always the same. Through the use of ASIM, it is now possible to store the texts and other contents finely granular and to manage, so that they can then be generated in any evaluation and output options.

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