Aug 04 2015


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"What you need to become in order to succeed, and how to do it?" I'm not mistaken – it is someone you need to become, not what would you do or where to find money to allow succeed. In my opinion, that's just the key error of those who do not achieve success. They feel that their standard of living depends on what they are doing, and not on who they are. I know that in any prosperous country, there are many people who barely to make ends meet. And that countries with low living standards must be those who succeed, despite all the ills of life. I know hundreds of examples of how the children of the same wealthy or poor parents become either poor or wealthy. I have seen examples of how graduates of the same schools turned out in ten years, or in the financial pit or on top of financial success.

For beginning remember one important point: "In order for you to have the opportunity to improve themselves and their skills, you need to learn to assess and weigh the events of their lives." That the events of our lives are one source of information on how we can become better and better. Most people try not to pay attention to what happens to them every day in the life course, and certainly not asked to analyze what how you can change yourself and your life. I must admit that most of us hardly take the time to seriously reflect on themselves and their lives.

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