Apr 22 2011

Stock Markets

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Regardless of whether you become an investor or speculator, stock market will either be your favorite thing or your favorite hobby. On these pages I will try to prove that the adage – 'no gods pots '-to the same extent relate to the stock market as any other area where you would like to put your passion and intelligence. Of course this statement is true if your goal is not contiguous with infantilism or adventurism. My experience with students has allowed me to measure the relative segment hungry stock of money on a degree of modesty of expectations 'percentage exhaust' in the near future. Impropriety of the size of the needs of some, simply shocking.

I am in no way is not to say that we should not put high goals. Just need to devote to the question the possibility of extracting income from investments or speculations balanced and generally understand how the stock market are taken money. Look around. How many friends and acquaintances of people you do business. This is the absolute majority of smart people who have achieved something in this life. If you ask them what percentage of annual net return on invested ruble gives them their business, you may be surprised. 20% per annum – this is a very decent profit.

So why are these dear people for 16 hours a day, wad due to offend your ears 20% percent. They are in constant exhausting struggle with Russian officials (SES, firefighters, tax officials, police and a minimum of 20-elements of the state machine to the sprawling threatening cancer). And yet do not want to change the flea – business on the speculation. It's simple – their perfected everyday troubles logic tells them that not only can be someone from among've read this far 'snap on site' and will look for simple ways. Well – God help you. Others will say that with all the foregoing, you hardly anywhere can earn such money as the stock market. And at a certain effort many of you will be able to earn a return on invested ruble significantly greater than many of those businessmen, we talked about. So whether all could learn? None. Of course not all. It's like learning to drive a car. Driving schools will release 99.9% wanting to get right. But whether all will reach. Every year on the roads of Russia 35 million people are killed. But this statistic says that there are people who simply can not be behind the wheel due to complete stupidity. So with the stock market. There are people who can not be here due to complete stupidity. But such an overwhelming minority. And a couple of observations: the first – if the road can be killed by someone else's stupidity, then the stock market only on its own, the second – the dangers on the road a lot clearer than the stock market. But those who are still the majority must also carefully study to invest or speculate on how newcomers learn to drive carefully. Well, as far as the acquisition of experience can someone like Schumacher and popret. And the others will realize that they have to Schumacher just have different abilities and most importantly – different goals. Once again – risk in the stock market is not as clear as on the road. And just be 'knocked down at least a thousand miles' to these dangers once identified and identify for themselves. And everything else as well – not sure do not overtake!

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