Mar 04 2011

Sports Paradise

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Tax avoidance in tax havens worldwide exceeds 200 billion (not the Americans billions) of dollars, divided between more than 3 million companies, foundations, or individuals, according to estimates by the NGO Tax Justice Network. That money would cover the shape on the UN goal of cutting poverty in half by 2015. Switzerland has blocked the accounts of the dictators who fund their stolen fortunes banks in their countries of origin. It has also restored some of these funds to the states from which they were extracted. It is a step forward. The Swiss state has taken the initiative, but in the world operate with impunity and without compunction over 70 tax havens, which moves a quarter of world GDP. Gibraltar has an area of 4.5 square kilometers and a population of 30.

000. The number of firms and companies on their territory amounts to more than 28. 000. Almost one per person. Only in Luxembourg, banks manage assets exceeding the GDP in many states. Liechtenstein has twice the population enterprises.

Similar examples could be found in Monaco, Jamaica, or in the Solomon Islands. a According to its academic definition of tax havens are territories or states those characterized by low or no taxation subject to certain persons or entities in these jurisdictions are coverage and protection. They call themselves as countries of low taxation or taxation privileged. They are actually tunnels of mafia money laundering, dictators and businesses. Arms dealers, drugs or people, mercenaries of war, corrupt politicians, or large multinationals are the most frequent visitors of these countries.

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