Jun 25 2014

Spend Expenses

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It prevents economic stress!Many of the reasons for insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, depression and stress, due to economic reasons affecting our finances. Therefore you below 12 practical ways to carry your personal and family economy, and avoid stressful situations. 1 Spend according to what you earn if you spend more than what you earn you are creating debt. Don’t let that these debts do not overcome what you earn, monthly. 2 It takes a record of expenses if you do not know where will that desire can not correct it.

Program your expenses. 3 Save it is not important how much you’ll save, the important thing is to start. Save not having to borrow you when making a large purchase. Save with the intention of investing and, thus, increase your capital. 4 Get rid of cards that charge you maintenance through the maintenance of their accounts, credit and debit cards to those banks that do not charge you.

Although there is some discomfort having to change at the beginning, in the long run you’ll. 5. Purchase in installments (a month) no interest if you pay with credit card, which charges interest, is not a good buy. Get a credit card that you charged last month, interest-free. 6 Uses discount coupons there are supermarkets that monthly, issue these coupons; avail you of them and purchase in larger than usual amount, knowing that yes or Yes you’ll use it. Take advantage of the three by two that take the malls in promotion. 7 Buy needed No abuses of shopping months, interest free. Buying, just in case, if I will be useful should not be and you’ll be buying something useless you’re going to pay anyway. Avoid superfluous expenses and buy by buy. 8 Remember you’re not by what you have the order wrong is: have, do, be. To which they should aspire is: be, do, have. 9 Avoid be guarantor of someone shuns it by all means. In the event you decide to exit catch someone, ask yourself if with what you have will be able deal with the debt of the other person; If it isn’t, you run the risk of losing everything. 10 Presta only what you can give when you pay run the risk of not return what you or that they returned in poor condition. If you can not give it better and not lend. 11 Dispenses with borrow is a quick way out of step, but first must make sure that you can return it. Remember that it is the best way of people you avoid and that you close doors. In spite of everything, if you provided: returns immediately! 12. Don’t spend in vices alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, games, etc., in addition to bring you the money you have now, Bill pass you in the future because of the consequences that can lead you. Worse still, if you must borrow to spend on these vices. The y team are going through a stressful economic situation?

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