Dec 23 2014

Southern Hemisphere

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In the first half of July was finally lucky first known who bought the first new iPhone. This event occurred in New Zealand, and to dream buyer realized he had to stand in the cold (the point is occurred in the Southern Hemisphere) as much as 60 hours. What could cause a person to spend so much time in not the most comfortable conditions (but at least would have the comfort)? What could make non-stop talking huge number of various media about this exciting moment – the day of the start of sales-to-date version of one of the products of a company? What, after all, iPhone Apple’s best fashion, expensive and, in general, better communicators of other firms? All of these questions, of course, may be called rhetorical – and so it is clear that Apple has with its inception, has managed to create his image of the legendary producer. Almost all the new products coming out (in and out, as we see) with large noise. And, at least in recent times, Apple is increasingly takes over the minds of consumers. Surprisingly, as the company logo which adorned by an apple bitten off, it becomes a trendsetter. How easy it corporate brand becomes synonymous with creativity. And how often a company gets into top positions surveys of consumers and professionals.

For example, a study Brandchannel’s 2008 brandjunkie awards, held portal earlier this year among marketing specialists. Among the 10 questions were absolutely positive seven nominations, six of which won the brand Apple. The brand is inspired by (the absolute leadership: 22% vs. 7% nearest competitor), not the brand can not be live (15% vs. 6% for the pursuer, excluding the option “no”) and the brand is likely to revolutionize the branding (22% versus 18% for Google and 2% of the next competitor, excluding the option “does not exist”). Around the same time (late March) on the Internet referring to the Journal of Consumer Research has information about the study, which were presented, in particular, the Apple logo, and Microsoft. The first effect on the creativity of man, and the second – on analyticity. However, throughout the course, there an explanation.

Whatever it was, an example of the brand Apple is contagious. Have the almost unsinkable positive image (and this is quite significant in the presence of the army of skeptics and critics of the company products), many would wish. In the meantime, happy winner of the first iPhone 3G sleep, we can only observe the controversial, but miraculously lead to success, steps Apple, each of which further strengthens the positive image of the brand.

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