Dec 22 2015

Social Networks Security

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The group of activists by the freedom and against censorship ANONYMOUS and the group of investigation of vulnerabilities LULZSEC has decided to unite their efforts and their talent in a combined-arms operation that they have baptized like Operation Anti-Security, or in Castilian, Anti-Security Operation. This happens after to be denied by both groups the supposed war enters both, and what better form to demonstrate to the one that to unite its competitions in the mentioned operation. On the part of LULZSEC an official notice in naval terms has been emitted in which it is said that flotilla of LULZSEC has united his ships to those of ANONYMOUS, with the purpose of to maximize the capacity of operation Anti-ESA. The primary target of the operation is declassification of documentation classified by the governments, understanding declassification like the robbery or filtration of this information. The organizers of the operation animate to the participants to include word Anti-ESA in the governmental Web sites and of the banks, even to that they realise guinea fowl in the buildings of such institutions. It seems that a new big wave of attacks is approached that will on approval put once again the Security of the Information of several institutions and organisms at world-wide level. udea Security of the Information Department of Management Manuel Diaz

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