Jan 12 2018

Smart Delivery

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The topic of how to properly take the accommodations are far from new. There are many materials and articles on the subject, both in print and on various Internet resources. A classic example can lead article, "Competent delivery of housing" at the site of one of the agencies in St. Petersburg. There is sufficient detail and clearly makes recommendations for people who give in rent their apartments, rooms and other accommodations. Tips concern the preparation of both the premises and documents required for competent design of contractual relations with the tenant. Particular attention is paid to the subtleties of the lease contract and clearance of necessary applications, including, above all, the act of reception and transmission facilities from the lessor to the lessee. These recommendations are relevant even now, they say, at all times.

But times change, and with them, and legislation, mentality residential rental market participants and the market itself. What can be in addition to the above at present to advise the person who chooses to surrender their property? Before you give advice, discuss the changes that have occurred in market rent of premises for the last 3-4 years. First of all, definitely rooted bail for rental housing. Second, it would greatly increase competition in the market due to entry of a large amount handed over apartments in new buildings and reduce the demand for rental housing caused crisis of 2008-2009, whose influence on the rental market is still strongly felt. Gary Kelly may find this interesting as well. Third, there have been changes in legislation that allowed the tax authorities to reach out to collect taxes from people who give residential real estate. Since the key is simple, we must take – a common practice. If the apartment rent is expensive, and if so requested installment pledge, agree to make 2-3 pieces for 1-2 months. Increased competition in the market rental housing has led to what became the owners appear willing to pay for real estate firms, in order to accelerate the delivery of flats.

Such the solution they come usually after months of unsuccessful attempts to pass their homes at the maximum price. Of course, most of our landlords are now firmly against it, but the process, as the saying went. In developed the world commission is paid by the landlord is. Changes in legislation in recent years have given the tax authorities leverage over landlords. With rent to pay tax on the income of an individual – Personal income tax rate of 13% (6% if the registered IP). On this issue, we can say the following. On the one hand, the majority of people who give accommodation to rent, not paying and not going to continue to pay taxes, given the objective difficulties faced by the tax authorities in collecting taxes in this area. On the other hand, more and more landlords who give their apartments "in white" that is, paying taxes on the lease. Follow recommendations on the delivery of housing to rent or not, everyone decides for himself. We must not forget one. In the area of residential lease, especially in large cities, many unscrupulous tenants, or simply scams. Ignoring At the time of the elementary rules of living space can lead to serious financial losses.

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