Dec 06 2013

Slavneft Tax

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The amount of tax claims rise, exceeding one billion dollars mark already! For example, TNK-BP was billed tax claims worth more than $ 1 billion is obvious that the tightening of procedures for audits of large holdings will continue. The highest tax risks threaten businesses of banking, construction, oil and gas sectors. Now, for example, checks are carried out in relation to companies, Rosneft, Slavneft, Sibneft and Tatneft. Analysts predict that it may turn out additional charging oil companies taxes in excess of $ 6 billion, and it's only for one year. It is expected that the total tax claims for recent years, Russian oil companies could exceed $ 20 billion for entry into force of new amendments to the Tax Code, further increase the likelihood and magnitude of financial risks of large businesses. Problem solving and new opportunities for solution, as often happens, we should look at the roots of the problem.

Future tax audits will be deeper and longer in time, but in a place so their treatment will become more understandable and therefore, predictable. Companies that have started checking their financial statements before tax authorities will be able to save significant sums for the payment of tax claims in the future. Relevant to the work on training company to a tax audit from the stage of meeting the inspector until the completion of testing. The use of "gray" schemes of taxation will lose its relevance due to frequent changes in law and interpretations of laws, as well as the development of the institution of bad faith. " Future today the development and implementation of mechanisms for effective planning of tax payments.

Effective planning system not only allows for 100% to prepare for tax audits, but gives the owner of a number Advantages: Creating a positive psychological climate in the company certainly will affect productivity. This happens due to the cessation of perception of tax audits as a stress factor. Restructuring of financial flows and, consequently, reducing the tax burden and suppression capabilities for financial and Property abuse by employees Knowing the extent and precise timing of tax payments. Improving the financial stability of the company as a whole due to the sudden cessation of payments; Strengthening the controllability company through optimization of business processes; Reduce costs by using an integrated simultaneous solution of several problems. Thus, we can not only effectively prepare for the increased tax legislation, but also to solve the complex problems of optimization of business processes. The result of this systematic approach will be to increase business efficiency and, consequently, increase its value, reduce costs and security, preservation of capital and property. It is also important psychological advantage, which will appear as a result of readiness for the visit of the tax. Waiting for a tax audit will cease to be stressful factor, both for employees and for its owners.

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