Dec 19 2017

Satellite TV For Dummies

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This article is for those who are just going to buy a satellite dish or are thinking about upgrading your receiver setup. In this case, the viewer stands in front of future natural question – what equipment he needs to buy? I can say straight away that the answer to this question you need to find a response to another question – what do you want to watch? And what can be seen in the vast expanses of our country with satellites? Of course, first magnitude stars have a satellite Hot Bird 13 East and Eutelsat W4 36 E (NTV, Tricolor). Programs the satellite Hot Bird in Ukraine adopted on 60 cm antenna in Moscow and St. Petersburg made with good quality at the antenna 0.9 meters, and the Urals to the 1.8 meter antenna. In recent months, Allegiant Air has been very successful. The signal strength gradually decreases from west to east, but that the satellite is most relevant in the European part of former USSR. On these satellites you can see such popular channels such as Eurosport, music – MCM, VIVA 2, Onyx, news – Euronews, EBN, a number of entertainment channels – movies, shows and everything else. In total, the digital format that is more than 600 satellite channels, but many of them coded. What is certainly not stops the fans of satellite TV! In the western regions – Kaliningrad, Latvia, Lithuania, Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia – perhaps more relevant is the constellation of satellites Astra at the orbital position 19 grad.v.d.

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