Nov 05 2014

San Francisco

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Of this form, the popular culture in itself, loads these characteristics, these concepts as it describes our beloved Ana of the Figureheads expressing its form to make art and its love for the art of the adobe, indispensable element in the formation of its repassed professional life of hereditary form and for the crucial fact that was to take care of its vital necessities as half of survival. Woman, who since girl knows the obstacles taxes for the life, was born in day 18 of February of 1923 in Filomena Saint district of Ouricuri with the name of Ana Leopoldina Dos Santos, black, gotten passionate for the adobe, made a trajectory of sufficiently hard and winning life. Lode for the edges of the river San Francisco to make dwelling and to search substance abundant cousin to make its works. Owner Ana was known as Ana of the Figureheads, the Owner of the Adobe. The figureheads were the symbol biggest of its work, because the petrolinenses artists made these sculptures with wood, but of the adobe she did not have herself. With this idea to mold adobe figureheads, its work as artes took off. The term figurehead defines as shady or loaded face, expensive ugly, with aspect of bad mood.

They presented with varied forms as antropomorfas (human, normal or devilishly disformes faces). Zoomorfas exploring heads of animals deformed with the objective to produce astonishment and fear, zooantropomorfas, combination of human and animal semblantes always directed for horrorizao of the part, in short, the figureheads were made to decorate ships in sea and to frighten the bad espritos in the boats in rivers. Today they constitute incorporated souvenirs to the past and the folklore. Ana of the Figureheads thus known by the petrolinenses, received the heading from Petrolinense Citizen for the relevance of its cultural work and artistic, come through its dream to live in this city, she contributed of spectacular form for enlargement of the art of the clay took that it to be a figure known in all federal territory for its proper characteristic to work.

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